Nordstroms Markdowns - Gryson, Bulga, Minkoff, Kooba, LAMB

  1. Hi Everyone. I just came from Nordstroms and they had a ton of great deals on Rebecca Minkoff Morning After, Gryson Olivia & Skye, LAMB, Bulga, Biasia and more. I've never seen such a great selection on a sale rack. :woohoo:
  2. Can you tell us what the prices were roughly? thanks! i really want a MA
  3. drats! My Nordies is so small, the handbags dept doesn't have Minkoff or Kooba :{
  4. i'm a designer specialist at a Nordstrom in ny. (our designer bags in store include: michael kors, burberry, chloe, valentino, marc jacobs & mulberry. but we can order you ANYTHING designer from gucci, chanel, ysl, zac posen etc)

    right now on sale we have coach, lamb, gryson, tracy reese and much more. our designer markdowns will most likely be at the end of november. but our buyers have not told us which ones yet.

    also our half yearly sale begins wed nov 7 at 7 am!
  5. Can I do phone order from you? or do you have someone you can recommend?
  6. catlover --
    what are you looking for? let me know and i can tell you if we have it. today is my day off but i am in tomorrow!
  7. mere5853...
    I am interested in Coach Signature bags. No particular style in mind. Any Coach Signature bags with discount will be considered.
    I am in NH and there is no Nordstorm nearby.:crybaby:
    Thanks for the help.
  8. *suzi* do you remember is you see any chloe? thanks
  9. how much are the rebecca minkoff bags? im looking for Morning After and Nikki. can i do a phone order and have it sent to my home in ny? plzz ... PM me if anything!
  10. no coach signature...just some of the light tan/gold patchwork bags that were released over the summer. but coach gets marked down often so i will let you know!

    we don't carry rebecca minkoff in our store, but if you had a style number i could always check if it was on sale.

    no chloe on sale as of yet, but some around thanksgiving we will probably be having some markdowns. our last designer sale was back in june so i'm sure we'll have a decent amount go on sale.
  11. Thanks. You are so sweet!
  12. I just ordered the Rebecca Minkoff Matinee in dark grey from nordstroms, & free shipping :yahoo:
  13. how much was it?
  14. It was 400.00. I called the 1-888# on the Nordstrom website and they transfered me to a store (not sure which) but the Rep at the store stated that they had the following RM:
    2 - Morning After in Chocolate
    1 - Morning After in Black
    (Not sure what the price was on the Morning After handbags are)
    Matinee - Glazed Expresso, Almond, and Elephant (not sure how many in stock).