nordstroms made me do it!

  1. on vacation in spokane last weekend i found this bag on amazing clearance (over 50% off! and since i live in oregon, no tax!). i love the braided handle detail and it's a great size. it's also the most structured bag i own. i'm not a bag switcher really so i hesitated about buying it....but in the end this was much more subtle than my LV (my other brown bag). it seemed different enough. did i mention over 50% off? i think that had a lot to do with my rationalizing. :smile:

    i try my hardest to avoid temptation and stay out of the brand subforums i love. which also means i have NO idea what this is actually called. it looks like something from the hamptons or legacy line (at least the turn lock does)....could one of you knowledgeable ladies help me out?

    oh and thanks to lily for being patient with mommy. her fur was too perfect a backdrop to pass up.
    CIMG2933.JPG CIMG2928.JPG CIMG2927.JPG
  2. I love the braided strap! congrats!
  3. Very nice and I LOVE that picture with you dog:love:!
  4. I always wanted that bag!!

    Only thing that bugged me was the flap-turnlock closure.. :sad:

    I open-close my bag kinda often.. so with that flap/turnlock I would get annoyoed. XD
  5. Cute bag, and great deal! I think that is the Chelsea braided flap bag. :yes:
  6. i love your bag, it's so cute! the braided strap makes it even better:smile:
  7. Gorgeous! Congrats, hope you enjoy it!
  8. ooo i really like it! congrats!!!!
  9. Very pretty. I love the braided strap and the chocolate signature.
  10. That's a beautiful bag! I love the color! Enjoy!
  11. sure sure blame it on Nordstrom.... lol j/k I love the color! A girl that sits in front of me in one of my classes has that exact bag and I stare at all the time. How sad I know....
  12. very nice.
  13. I love this bag!!! Congrats!
  14. I have been eyeing this bag for a while too. Wish I had found a good deal on it.
  15. AWWW I love how your dog is doing a little pose for the shot. Your dog is just to cute and fashionable!