Nordstrom's Inventory

  1. I just spoke to the SA and they updated me on their stock. Very limited and waiting for more colors to come in so I can buy my 1st bbag!

    First - Black, Camel
    City - Green, Truffle (on hold for someone)
    Twiggy - Greige
  2. are you talking about the nordy in sac?

    what about valley fair in san jose?
  3. they had an amazing black city awhile back..maybe a week ago?? the leather was really thick and smooshy It was on a manequinn, I just had to take it off and abuse it!!! very gorgeous, not surprised its no longer there
  4. Its in Sac. Not sure that Valley Fair even carries it.

    I want to see the black city! :smile: Also, the SA said there is a waitlist for the Rouge City.
  5. I'm afraid VF doesn't carry it. I was told they're not even expecting any. :sad:

  6. yeah, I really wanted it. But, I have law school expenses that take priority!
    yeah, I went in there the 2nd week of aug and she told me there was a list for the VIF city...she showed me and at that time there were only three people on it...