Nordstroms inventory

  1. Just got an email (with pictures) from the WONDERFUL SM at Nordstroms Arden Fair, Sarah.

    They have a beautiful black padded and a rouge vif city.

    Part time -marron
    City- olive green and truffle
    Small hook- blu roi
    Twiggy- greige
    Money- rouge vif

    PM me your email address if you want pics.
  2. Where is this store.?:confused1:
    What state?

    Do you have a phone number......OMG, did not know Nordis carries
    Balenciaga Bags....I`ll get my card out:yahoo:
  3. california, Sacramento (arden fair).
    This is the only Nordies that carries bbags.

    Check stores that carrie bbags thread in achtung! for #.
  4. thanks tabbyco :flowers: - i just ordered the rouge vif city from nordi's. my second bbag ever. i can't wait to get it.:drool:
  5. I go there all the time. If anyone needs me to pay a visit to check out bags..lemme know hehe
  6. Hi! what year is the marron? 05 or 06? I would like to know since they have many variations of the color, but still call it the same. Can you send me a picture? thanks! cat

  7. ^^ It would definitely be the 06 Marron as the Part Time is a brand new style.
  8. Glimmer , thanks for the info!

    Tabbyco, I would love to see a picture of the part time! thanks!:yes:
  9. We have one of the biggest Nordstroms in the country right here in Orange County, and do they sell B bags? noooooooo.......makes me sad...~sniff~
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