Nordstrom's ,Hurst , Texas

  1. Does anyone regularly shop at the Nordstrom's at North East Mall , in Hurst Texas ?

    Do they have a good selection of Coach ? I have a Nordie card and want to shop.
  2. its not a huge Nordstrom, but they do have coach

    if you want big, go to the galleria or northpark, those are the biggest nords in the area
  3. I would recommend the Galleria. The Coach selection at Northpark is very limited. I would also ask if they are willing to give you the PCE 25% discount. Have you tried StoneBriar or is that to far? I have not been there in a while but was wondering if they have anything.
  4. The Galleria has a way better selection...I have never been the the Nordies in Hurst.