Nordstroms has added the Jackie

  1. ooh, that's a pretty bag in a very pretty color.
  2. Not sure, could be ok, but not an instant "have to have it or I die"...
  3. Love the color though.........we have to get some interest in the Fall 2007 Collection. because I haven't seen much...............
  4. Not for me at all. It's too big for one. But I hate the Hudson more. Katy is still it for me...and a suede Devin. That's it so far.
  5. I really don't get the urge to want to see this bag. It just doesn't grab me the way past season Kooba bags have. It's a relief really because I don't like the price.
  6. I definitely agree... $645 is too high to pay for a Kooba. Especially considering we'll be able to find many of them on eBay in a few months for much less.

    I'm gonna continue to wait until something really grabs me. Hopefully soon...
  7. If only we all had the strength to wait it out and buy all of our Koobas at the NM big sales, and the end of the year sales. We would save a bundle! But there always is that chance that our bag or the bag in our color is not there and that is too scary a thought to contemplate.
  8. Lexie, too true. Knowing our luck we'd wait it out for a bag we really want and that bag will become a highly sought after and difficult to find Kooba, so prices go sky high on eBay and we'd just save a few dollars less than the retail price, when we could have bought it and enjoyed it during it's actual season. Could be another smooth black Sienna episode!
  9. In my opinion, the price on any Kooba ALWAYS comes down, eventually.

    Being patient has saved me a ton of money, raisin Jesse for $150, bourbon Jillian for $235, black Jillian for $270, terraine Maria for $180, bourbon Frankie for $285..and the list goes on.

    My motto is...have patience and WAIT.

    If I happen to see a Fall intro that I have to own, I will order through an Ebay seller.

    For some reason I do not fear the bag becoming rare. They always show up on Ebay over time.
  10. Did you see how the bag opens up? Looks kind of odd; it might be tough to get into, with all those straps and flaps. I don't care for that at all.
  11. After looking at the pics on the Nordstrom site a bit more carefully, it doesn't look that tough to get into. The flaps on the outside of the bag are just for looks. It seems to actually close with a magnetic snap closure.
  12. I really like the eggplant color, and after zooming in on the Jackie, it is actually a very attractive bag. The description says "gold tone" hardware, which puts me off a bit, because I don't like it when my hardware finish wears off, and that is why burnished brass is so great. I'd like to see this Jackie in real life.
  13. I like the eggplant far as that style I would need to see IRL!
  14. I agree. I want to see more. This one is pretty large. They have another one that is a tad smaller, can't recall it's name and the Katy is a variant off this one.