Nordstroms Half Yearly Sale - Besides RM, Which Bags Did You Get?

  1. I've been to Nordstroms three times this week. I was lucky enough to get myself two Rebecca Minkoff bags - one I bought last weekend before it was marked down a second time, (but my SA did a price adjustment because it went down another $100!) and the other I got today when my SA called to let me know that someone didn't come in for their hold. I was there on Wednesday, the first day of the sale, altho it was later on in the afternoon. I browsed the sale tables to see what else was available, and honestly, there wasn't anything that seemed that great (at least to me). There were a bunch of Kooba Katy bags, but that was it as far as Kooba. A couple of Botkier Bryant Satchels and one Rose Hobo in Cherry (which is really an odd shade of red). I saw one Marc by MJ bag and a few different Gryson bags (Olivia and Skye, both leather and nylon and a Jasper bag). Other than that, the tables were loaded down with Rafe, Cole Haan, Lockheart, Juicy Couture and Nordstroms bags. They had a few of the newer Gustto bags, but they were all the really big ones that have odd shapes (the Gina bag is really awkward!).

    How many of you went and found something that you really wanted? Did other stores have a better selection, or is that pretty much what they all had? I just wonder if I missed all the "good" bags & they sold first thing in the AM, or if maybe they just didn't have that great of a selection this time around.
  2. I just wish I had a Nordies store around here : ( ... OR any big time dept. store. I live in Nebraska and the only big dept. store is Dillards and that's an hour and a half away lol..
  3. A local SA found a Gryson Olivia in Blue Jean for me. I just adore Gryson's Blue Jean.
  4. WOW! Really? I has my eye on that bag for the longest time, but they only had one & sold it before it went on sale. Is it the regular leather bag or the woven leather? I was tempted to ask my SA to see if she could locate a woven leather blue jean Gryson, but I figured it would be pointless as I heard they were all sold out. Do you happen to know where she found it? And when will it arrive?
  5. Nope, it is the regular leather, not the woven. The woven looks TDF online though :tup:
    I think you should definitely ask your SA to find you one. They can do a nationwide store locator type search. My Blue Jean Olivia is coming from the East Coast (that's all she said on the phone) and I expect it in about 8-10 working days.:yahoo:
  6. If you don't mind my asking, how much was it? Half price ($450)??
  7. Non-woven Olivia is $440.90. Half Price :tup:
  8. I snagged a LAMB Cheetah oxford for more than half off of retail... niiiiice!
  9. I went in, but it was craaaazzzy and I just didn't have the time to really look through everything. I was pretty bummed - ah well, next one!!

    Nice find on the denim Gryson :tup:
  10. I ordered an Olivia in chocolate, and was amazed at the deal! I've been looking for a chocolate colored bag for a long time, and missed my Skye since I sold it earlier this year. I sold it because it was a little too small for my needs, so I am really excited about the Olivia.
  11. Did anyone see anything other than RM or Gryson on sale??? I was hoping to find a Kooba Jackie or Botkier Bryant Hobo.
  12. i got three pairs of boots!! (i know this isn't the 'glass slipper subforum' but wanted to share! :smile:)

    Coach Sara boot in Burnished Tan
    Frye Elizabeth riding boot in coco/mustard
    Uggs Locarno in dark brown
  13. oh I'm right there with you! got the L.A.M.B Penny loafer wedges in black for a nice deal :angel: and a PA on my dark grey RM MA (to keep it on topic lol)
  14. I saw Botkier Bryant satchel in brown and black at San Diego other Botkiers though