Nordstroms - Fake Mina Bag?? Please Say It's Not So!

  1. I picked up an Emerald Green Mina today from Nordstroms and now that I'm looking at it more closely, I have several concerns. I've posted some authenticity questions in the Authenticity Thread, but I just wondered.....Has anyone ever seen and/or purchased a fake Designer Bag from Nordstroms (or any other major department store) before? I know that if this were true, it would have had to be a customer return (and this bag appears to be a customer return), but I do know it's a possibility.

    If anyone out there knows anything about the Mina bag and/or thinks that they can help me - PLEASE read my questions in the Authenticity Thread.

  2. Hi! - I haven't seen a faked elastic quilt bag yet. It is a patented (shiny) finish goat leather which is very different in look and feel than the calf leather.

    I didn't see anything posted in the Authenticity thread yet regarding this bag -- Hopefully, we can all give opinions when we see photos.

    But definately, Nordstroms will refund/accept return if the bag is fake.
  3. The leather isn't what concerns me - it's the details like the tags - I've posted all the details in the Authenticate This thread.

    Crossing my fingers - Praying - Crossing my Fingers - Praying:sweatdrop::sweatdrop::sweatdrop:
  4. So far, the consensus is that the bag is authentic (Yay!)

    The thing that got me concerned was that the leather care tag had a couple of mis-spelled words. Apparently, another PFer got the same exact card in her bag (which was also a Quilted Elastic Bag!). It also has a leather ID tag instead of cloth (which again, this PFer's bag had also).
  5. It definitely does look suspicious. Either that or Marc needs a new spell-checker!