Nordstrom's...did you guys know this?

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  1. I think it is way wrong that you cannot use Nordstrom notes on online purchases. Well I did online chat to see if there was a way to adjust it. She said yes! You can call internet customer support and they will adjust it for your Nordstrom's notes! That is awesome!
  2. Hi
    If you call customer support prior to using the Nordstroms notes you can have it applied right away. I wasnt sure if by adjusted you meant after the purchase or prior to the purchase so I apologize if I just repeated what you said.
  3. what are Nordstrom notes? sry I don't know...:confused1:
  4. I have $80 saved up so far! There's an expiration date on it, but they don't really expire. I'm saving them for a big purchase.

  5. They don't expire in California because of California Law, however in other parts of the country they may expire.
  6. what are nordstrom notes..?
  7. Every time you spend xxxxxx amount of dollars on your Nordies card AT Nordies, they send you Nordstrom Notes which are essentially Gift Certificates used towards Nordies purchases. The most I ever got was $240 in Nordy Notes at once. HELLO Free pair of True Religions. Of course they really aren't "free" unless you pay your Nordy bill off in full every month :nuts:
  8. Oh okay, thank you! I was wondering what this was as well
  9. unfortunately, many true religions are reaching the 300 mark now :sad:
  10. Oooh --- this is good to know! I always wondered how I could apply my Nordstrom notes to online purchases. Great tip! Thank you!!
  11. Really? how does california law play into this? Is this the same reason why Bed Bath and Beyond coupons don't expire?
  12. Yes, California law forbids that. For example, when I bought a restaurant gift certificate, it said the certificate expires after one year except in California. :tup:

  13. there is a law for everything in california
  14. Ok, I heart Nordy's so much right now. I lost some notes that I earned in SEPTEMBER from the Anniversary sale. I said WTH, I was buying some super expensive denim that was not on sale... let me try to see if they can replace the notes. I emailed customer service like right after I posted this; I had an email (no lie) ten minutes saying yes; they saw that they hadn't been redeemed AND... they could apply it to my current online order OR mail me new ones. And they said that they really don't expire. Those dates are just guidelines... I'm a black card holder at Macy's...but I may be forfeiting that to get to Level 3 at Nordy's and they ROCK!
  15. oh my goodness!!!!!

    I had no idea that they never expired in ca.

    I was cleaning out my room the other day and threw away $40 worth. I want to kick myself now. :cursing:

    Good to know for the future though. Thanks :smile:
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