has amore

  1. I just noticed has amore! Right now it looks like they just have portatelefono and denaro, but they'll probably get more...

    Now when will have it already? *anxious waiting*
  2. I've been wondering about Macy's too. I've been checking their website as well 2-3 times daily.
  3. I think I might buy one from :biggrin:
  4. I get a discount when I shop at Macys so I have to wait until they put it up there... Yeah lol I've been checking the site 2-3 times daily as well
  5. Do you subscribe to Lucky magazine Jessaka they have lucky breaks. I've bought a couple of my Tokis from and and got a percentage cash back reward.
  6. No, I don't subscribe to any magazines lol. Is Lucky a good magazine? *sigh*, if I buy one from Nordstrom....I won't know how the print placement is huh? LOL. blahh. One downside.
  7. The magazine is just alright to me. A lot of expensive clothes that are not my taste nor that I can afford. But the reward program they have is worth it.
  8. haha ok. ehh I don't need another "bill" lol....but thanks for the tip blackwidow :biggrin:
  9. You know you're right. I forgot you live in Hawaii and shipping sounds like it is a b....! You can only use it on online retailers.
  10. If you're worried about print placement you could buy more than one and return the ones you don't like at the stores? That's what I've been doing with Macys...
  11. ahh, so much complications lol. i called the Nordstroms here and they said they dont carry tokidoki at all :sad: so junk.
  12. Hmm.. well if you got it online you could still probably return it in the store...
  13. I think I'm probably just gonna shoot it blind and get one from lol. I know the ebay one is going to go higher so ehhh I'm probably not even going to bother with that one.
  14. Yeah I'm sick of people paying too much $$ on ebay for toki bags!!!! It just drives the prices up and leaves us poor toki collectors in the dust! I see a campeggio on there bidding is at $255 ! ! ! ! ! ! INSANITY!
  15. I just want to email all those poor souls on ebay and tell them they're getting ripped off.

    Anyways, I decided to go with Pulse instead of because I found a print placement that was pretty good for my Amore Gioco...well the Denaro matches and it makes me happy because there's Latte on it :biggrin: