Nordstroms - Chloe Paddington, Bay and More!!

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  1. I was at Nordstroms OakBrook this afternoon and they still a couple of Chloe Bags on the sale table. They've had the most gorgeous Patent Leather Brown Paddington Bag for $1069. I've seen it there a couple of times and I've been really tempted, but it's a little out of my price range right now. It's in great shape and amazingly lightweight. I am so surprised it's still there.

    They also have what I think is the Tracy Tote for $649.90. The color of the bag is Whiskey and all the tag says is "Tote." I did a search and I think it's the Tracy tote like this one (it may be slightly different):

    They have a Gold Bay Tote. I didn't look at the price, but like the Paddington, it's been there for a while.


    They also had a black hobo bag, but I think the lock was missing (I didn't look inside so it might be in a pocket). I also didn't look at the price of that bag.

    If you're interested in any of these, call OakBrook at (630/571-2121) - They are closed for the night, but they open tomorrow at 10am CST.
  2. Okay, thanks for the post! I'll call them in the morning re: the gold bay!
  3. The gold bay is a beauty:nuts:!!! Thanks for the post:tup:
  4. I tried looking for a pic of the Patent Leather Chocolate Brown Paddy that they have, but I can't seem to find it anywhere - it's so gorgeous. I can't get over how light it is! I have one of the orig Paddy's in Khaki and it probably weighs about 2x as much!!! If that bag is still there the next time I'm there, I think I might just have to buy it!!!
  5. If anyone is interested, the Gold Bay Tote is $839