Nordstrom's BR Bloomsbury - "Inspired" or copy?

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  1. I was surfing Nordstrom's Brass Plum dept. for necklaces, and saw this bag... Do you guys think that "inspired" bags are ok (I kinda like spotting them, then trying to guess the original source), or that they take away from the original's distinctiveness?

    Nordstrom - $39

    Banana Republic

  2. That's funny! I do the same - I like to guess what the "inspiration" was!
  3. lol the funny thing was that the bag they copied wasn't even expensive or exclusive! i think inspired bags are fine, though, but i wouldn't carry one.
  4. Brass Plum always has 'inspired' bags. They even have a version of the Stam. Inexpensive way for young girls to carry something similar to the current styles.
  5. Hmm, I never got a chance to see their stam. Was it nice for an inspired?
  6. Oh, but have you seen their MJ Stam KO?? I got a real kick out of that one! I couldn't find it on the site to post it but it's a hoot.
  7. Wow it looks so similar
  8. to me, it looks almost like a copy, it's so similar
  9. It's inspired.
  10. I saw in the ALDO store "inspired" spy bags and balenciaga bags.
  11. They're everywhere! It's at target now A LOT!