Nordstroms Arden Fair Inventory

  1. I just called Nordstroms Arden Fair in Sacramento (CA) and they are super low on stock but here's what they have:

    Part-time: Vert Gazon and Black - RH

    City: Magenta, Ivory, Black and Red (sounded like Tomato) - RH
    City Giant: Black and White

    Day: Black and a Brown (she didn't know which one) - RH

    They got some BG's in, but they all went out to people on the waiting list. They are getting some Thyme and EB, but she has a huge waiting list - she knows they will get them in the City, but not sure what other styles.
  2. Suzzeee: Thanks so much for the info!! :smile:
  3. Thanks for posting.
  4. *please bear with me I don't know much about Balenciaga:shame:*
    I was there yesterday and also saw the GH black work along with a GH work in a bright blue/ light turquoise color. There were some bags on the sale table including a white matellesse (sp?) marked down from $1795 to $707.95, a nice grey wool/ tan leather combo motorcycle bag (city? it had the traditional square corners) that was a few hundred off, and quite a few of this odd-looking bag with thin horizontal metal strips going down the center in multiple colors. Hope that helps :flowers:
  5. Thank you!!! :flowers: