Nordstroms Anniversary Sale

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  1. Does anyone know if Nordstroms discounts MJ bags at thier anniversay sale?
  2. A little birdie told me that ALL MJ bags could be 15% off on the FIRST day only of the Anniversary Sale!!!
  3. When does the anniversary sale start? We're going to LA on the 15th next month ... am I going to miss it?
  4. The Anniversary Sale starts Friday, July 14.
  5. YAH!!! I'm going to be there when it starts!! I'm sooo excited!!:yahoo:
    Thanks wicked!!:flowers:
  6. omg that would be amazing!!!!! i really hope so!!! Do you think that would include the zip clutch?? Is your little birdie a reliable source lol??? I HOPE SO!!! thanks for your info!!!
  7. I believe all MJ bags except for FAll 06 will be on sale according to the SA @ SCP
  8. wow i am soooooooooo excited!!!! thanks so much harlem cutie!!!!
  9. whats SCP?
  10. ^^ SCP = South Coast Plaza--HUGE mall in Costa Mesa (Orange County), California.
  11. Uh-oh...
  12. My little birdie is my contact SA at Nordies in Chicago at Michigan Avenue. Highly reliable!
  13. Are they discounting the regular priced bags or the sale bags too?
  14. I swear I thought he said all bags...
  15. Does the sale start in New York on the 14th also?
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