Nordstroms Anniversary Sale Question

  1. Hello! Has anyone receieved the preview catalogue for Nordstroms Anniversary Sale yet? All I have receieved was a postcard announcing the special preview dates. It said my catalogue should arrive shortly, but this was like 2 weeks ago. Thanks in advance for your help!
  2. Hmm I'm not sure. I received today an email regarding even more markdowns. But I'm wondering if it's just online only or also in the store?
  3. Do you all know the types of items that will be on sale during this event?

    I'm purchasing my Juicy Couture bracelet [starter charm bracelet] next week and if that will be on sale, I'll wait another week...I'm pretty sure it won't be as that type of item doesn't usually get discounted.

    However, do any of you know if the Juicy Couture apparel [hoodies, etc.] get discounted? TIA!
  4. I haven't received anything, either. Good to know that I am not the only one without my early exclusive shopping information; I thought maybe mine got lost in the mail or something, which would SUCK since I live about five miles from their corporate office. I'm really hoping it will come this week so I can give myself ample time to deliberate over which things I want to buy.
  5. I was at Nordy's yesterday - they said catalog should be arriving on or about July 10th. The sale starts the 20th.
  6. The catalog was JUST released to stores and is set to arrive about July 10 in homes via mail.

    However, if you're a Nordy's card holder and you're at Level 2 or higher in their Fashion Rewards program, you're entitled to pre-sale Anniversay merchandise. My understanding is that the pre-sale starts July 11.

    The actual sale starts July 20. There will be some "basic" Juicy clothing stuff that will be part of the sale.

    The Anniversary sale marks down NEW merchandise for the fall during a two week period and then it goes back "up" to "regular" price. The sale will also be online but I think they may have slightly different items between online and in-store. They have special makeup pallettes and sets, shoes, clothing, accessories, bags, etc. that go on sale.
  7. I was in-store today and my SA showed me some of the Anniversary sale bags. They didn't have all of them in, but they did have a few. She said that starting the 11th, they will have a room set up where you can go in and pre-sale the's a new strategy...instead of sending the look books out earlier, they give you the opportunity to see the goods in person and pre-sale.

    Anyway, there were a few LAMB bags, some Fancisco Biasia, a Michael Kors drawstring patent satchel, and a GORGEOUS metallic Junior Drake Megan tote. The Junior Drake comes in Pewter and Bronze...LOVED it. Here's a link to the style on lunaboston:
  8. Woohoo! Thanks for the info!
  9. Do you remember the names of any of them? I just bought the big Devon tote in Cheetah, but if it goes on sale in the Saddle, I might get that one too!:wtf:
  10. so the anniversary sale online is different from the regular sale they're having now?
  11. No...sorry! I'm not too familiar with LAMB bags...but I do think that one was an animal print. Honestly, it's stuff that's not on the floor yet. The prices are really good...up to 30%-40% off. The Junior Drake bag was only $265.
  12. Anniversary sale is different than the online sale now. This is where they bring in fall merchandise and discount it for a couple of weeks and then everything goes back to regular price. I always find alot more at the anniversary sale than the half-annuals. Each makeup dept. has a gift with purchase that is great as well.
  13. cool info thanks

  14. The SA showed me the LAMB bags that will be on sale and I'm almost positive the Devon tote was one of them. But I don't remember the Saddle being on sale, just the Cheetah print and a darker black-gray color. Do you have a pic of your Devon tote and I can tell you a little better.

    Also, I'm going to Nordstrom again tomorrow so I can post the definite styles/prices for you by then.
  15. Thank you! That would be wonderful to find out which ones will be on sale! I just got the Devon in Cheetah too and I was told that the animal prints weren't going to be on sale for the anniversary, just the 'older' prints, ie saddle. Now if my cheetah goes on sale, I'm gonna be pissed! LOL

    Here is a pic of what the devon cheetah looks like.....and TIA!!:tup:

    Also, here is a pic of the other one I want in saddle. Hope this helps!
    _5444249.jpg devonsaddle.jpg