Nordstroms Anniversary Sale: Are We Being Taken Advantage Of?

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    I'll warn you ahead of time, this may be long, but it all plays into my curiosity - are we being taken advantage of during Nordstroms Anniversary Sale?

    We all know by now that there are certain things that are produced specifically for this sale, but this year more than ever, quality issues came up far more than what's normal for Nordstroms.

    I purchased a Michael Kors leather jacket on the first day of the sale. It was love at first site. Once I got home & was going through my purchases, trying things on, I noticed that one of the epaulettes didn't lay quite right. When I took the jacket off & looked closely, I noticed that all of the stitching was pulled out and the epaulette was literally hanging on by a thread. I called my SA and she tried to locate another. I asked her to ask the SAs at other stores to look the jacket over & make sure they don't have the same issue. She called me back about an hour later & said that we'd have to order one from the online inventory because even though she located a few jackets, she wasn't satisfied with their condition. This got me wondering whether or not all of these jackets were poorly made (I did receive one from the website & it does appear to be without issue)

    I also purchased two Free People sweaters. Once again when I got home, I noticed the stitching along the seam of one of them was poorly stitched. It almost looked like it had torn and was resewn because there was white thread visible, but I couldn't find white thread anywhere else on the sweater. None of stores near by had this sweater, so I was going to order it online & return the one I bought, only it sold out (online) before I had the chance. I went into the store and was just going to exchange for the next size, when I was told that they no longer had those sweaters because they had sent them back at the request of the vendor. When I asked why, the SA said she didn't know. She said usually they wait until the sale is over to make this request. The same thing happened with a Press cardigan I wanted - I bought one last weekend, and they had it in two other colors in the store that weren't offered online. I loved the sweater so much, I went back for another color, but they sent them back. This got me thinking - how much of the anniversary sale merchandise will actually be available once the sale ends? They say in their ads, "prices go back up 8/5" but if they're sending merchandise back to the vendors, the prices aren't actually going back up (I also asked about a pair of boots, whether or not they would get more in after the sale ends to sell at full price, and she said, "No, those were purchased for the Anniversary Sale, they're not part of the regular collection")

    I considered buying a Halogen cardigan, but I looked at two of them & they both had snags and one had a hole. Decided to pass on that. In fact several items that I looked at during the sale appeared to be poorly made.

    I read several reviews for things online where customers said that they already owned something offered during the Anniversary Sale (i.e., FitFlop Sandals) and that they believed the quality (of the ones offered during the sale) wasn't the same and they weren't as nice. Someone else pointed out that the Rag & Bone Harrow boots were missing one of the leather straps. Sure enough, i looked a pair offered at full price and they had a slightly different design. Similar comments were made about the Burberry trench coats.

    So I gotta wonder - are we REALLY getting a good deal during Anniversary Sale? Or do we see the words "Sale" and " Prices go back up" and "Double Points" and do we react exactly how the company wants us to act? If these items were sold at these prices normally, would we be interested in buying it? Sure, there were some deals to be had - it's not often you find Chloe Paddington boots below retail price (although, I've never really looked at a pair of older ones, and wonder if the quality of the ones sold during the sale were as nice as they typically are), but for the most part, I wasn't too impressed with this years sale. I really noticed a difference in both the brands offered and the quality of those that were. It definitely seemed a step down from sales of seasons past. And it really aggregated me that things were removed from the sale and sent back before the sale ended!

    What do you think? How do you feel about this years sale?
  2. I completely agree. I'm a loyal Nordstrom customer but I do think this sale is shady. The first year I shopped it (about 6yrs ago) it was great and I think the quality was quite good. But each year it seems to get worse. The Chloe bags for example looked plasticky to me, nowhere near the usual quality. Same for a lot of leather goods. It's not really a bargain if both the price and the quality are lower. But as long as it is successful I think it will continue this way.
  3. I don't even think it's limited to items in the sale to be honest...I got a new dress from Nordstrom last week (not included in the sale, just a regualr dress). It was $50. I wore it for the first time yesterday and noticed a hole in it, so nordstrom must have sent it to me that way since I had been wearing it for about 10 minutes when I noticed. I was so mad!
  4. I'm glad you brought this up - I'm actually not a big Nordstrom fan for the reasons you mentioned, and while the hype drew me to the sale, I actually didn't find anything really amazing?
  5. To make matters worse, I just checked the website and several things that were Sold Out early on and were never replenished during the sale are suspiciously available again at full price! I had the Trouvé High/Low Sweater on my wish list, and it showed that it was no longer available as late as last night, but lookie here - its now available!

    Same thing with a Juicy hoodie and at least two other items that were on my wish list but were no longer available!
  6. They did that last year too. They only sell a certain qty. of stocks then hold the rest for the after sale period for full price. I do agree that quality has gone down, one example is that I'm a big fan of the Hue legging jeans and the ones they have this year was really poor quality and I am going to return them, quite disappointed. The material is very cheap and rough compared to the soft elastic cottons they had past year or two. The bags were also really poor quality IMO, I tried to love them inc. the designer ones and I am a big designer person but it just didn't really work out. I wish they would step up with the quality.
  7. One thing I also found out is that eventually some of these items make it to the half yearly sale for much less than the anniversary sale price. One year I bought a pair of MK booties during the anniversary and thought I was getting a good deal for it since it was only supposed to be available during that sale. When the half yearly came around, lo and behold the same booties were included for much, much less.

    I'm also wondering about the quality. I bought a pair of Harrows and the straps seem loose. I don't think it's supposed to be that way. I haven't decided whether to keep them or not.
  8. I am shocked that they have certain items in stock for the sale and then return them to the vendor! Isn't the whole deal that they are going to be regular price later in the year?
  9. I bought one thing. A pair of nikes for my two year old. I usually buy 2-3 pairs for each member of the family and loads of clothes. Everything seemed cheaply made and overpriced this year.
  10. This. Saks is guilty of doing this too. I had wanted a Burberry scarf and it was sold out the day after the sale ended it was back in stock. This pisses me off. I think its unfair.
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    So I got a call from an SA at OakBrook today who said they have the Free People Sweater in my size and will honor the Anniversary Sale price if I still want it! She had left a voicemail and when I called back, I asked whether they had the whole time or what, and she said she didn't know. Strange how it just appeared out of no where!

    When I asked about things that were sold out, but now available online, she says, "Well, I'm sure there were some returns" :rolleyes: Um, yea -- returns were processed on a Sunday night so the inventory was replenished for Monday morning! Puh-leez!!

    Oh yea, and the boots I asked about -- whether they would get more in after the sale, when she said no that they weren't part of the regular collection? They're in stock again, on the website, in every single size!! See, that's what pi$$es me off -- don't lie to me.
  12. In the Marc by Marc Jacobs handbags, they had 'new' styles of bags with the brass plaque on a raised surface (versus the normal flat surface) and it was the same 'collection' as the usual MBMJ products. Total travesty to sell that crap for 'bargain' prices which aren't any cheaper than the regular line if you had a decent coupon.
  13. i did see some Chloe bags and i was shocked at their poor quality

    so you ladies think they buy certain things for the anniversary sale only? so these things are cheaper in general?
  14. Yes, the sales associates have admitted this. For example, the Rag & Bone Harrow boots -- they were produced for this sale specifically with some minor changes in design. Those boots were sold at an approx 40% discount during the sale. But "sale" probably isn't the fairest word to use since they difer from the full price boots.

    Also, the fact that I was told that the vendors usually request the unsold merchandise be returned is an indication (to me) that the products were produced for the sale and intended to be sold at discounted prices only -- why else would they ask that they return the unsold items?
  15. I feel like the quality of merchandise in their anniversary sale has gone down quite a bit the past few years. I see some things have popped back up online as in stock now that the sale is over. Or specific sizes of clothing items that were out of stock before are now in stock as well when they were out of them yesterday. It seems odd that company's would want their merchandise sent back before the sale was even over maybe they have some major QC issues. If they want it sent back after the sale clearly they are producing lower quality merch and they don't want to turn off customers paying full price for stuff that isn't up to their normal standards.
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