1. any one have any coupond for Nordstrom?!?!?! :yes:
  2. I haven't ever seen coupons for Nordstrom as far as % or $ off discounts. Only free shipping or gift w/ purchase for beauty. sorry.
  3. Shipping is only $5, regardless of the total amount.
  4. If you shop through Lucky Rewards-you can get rebates back on what you spend.:yes:
  5. thanks guys!
  6. Yeah Lucky Rewards is upped to 10% for this month only.
  7. Can anyone tell me what is lucky reward?
  8. lucky reward is from lucky magazine. You need to subscribe it to get the benefit.
  9. Check out their website! :yes:
  10. There is a promo for free shipping with the purchase of $40 of mac products. Sorry, I already deleted the e-mail so I don't have the code. Hopefully someone else is on their e-mail list.
  11. I do subscribe to Lucky Magazine and I still don't know what this is...can anyone help me?? Thanx!
  12. you dont need a code for mac free ship. just add 40 bucks of mac in your cart and everything ships for free automatically. just did it :smile:.
  13. go to, and the site should have info about signing up. i can't remember exactly what you need to sign up, but it might involve a code from the subscription label on your magazine.
  14. Just so you know, the promo code box is mainly up there for employee's purchasing items online so they can use their discount.