nordstrom will price match any other department store sale

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  1. Were the shoes on sale on NM? They are listed as full price.
  2. yeah the lambskin ones are on sale , the new patent shiny ones are full price
  3. I've had good luck with Nordstrom matching prices..I bought a pr. of Tom Ford Jennifer sunglasses there and they matched an online co.'s price...
  4. I've seen Nordstrom sort of change their attitude about price matching. It used to be no problem, now you get SAs that are more conflicting. Does Nordstrom have a F&F of their own? I can't remember that I've ever seen them have that but I didn't notice because they were so good about price matching.
  5. anytime you guys have a problem price-matching online (which seems to be more of a problem than in-store), copy & paste this in your chat:

    from the Nordstrom website:

    Price Matching (Never Pay More)
    At Nordstrom, we are committed to offering you the best possible prices. If you ever find one of our items priced lower somewhere else, please call 1-888-282-6060 and we will gladly meet that price.

    it states NOTHING about the item having to be the same color, in stock or same size (these are the excuses some SAs give for not being able to price-match)
  6. Thanks DC Cutie, I like that! I've shopped at Nordstrom less because I just don't care for battling the SAs. What they don't get is, if I buy from the other stores, I don't pay tax. If I buy local from Nordstrom, I pay tax so I'm looking for the price matching. I try to buy local but why would I pay more than I would if I took advantage of the F&F and had it shipped?
  7. ive also noticed some SA's seem to be too lazy in doing the price match. I got really annoyed yesterday.
  8. I think it really depends on what, who, and where. I have had Nordstrom price match a pair of CLs from NM. But then I had the same pair I got from NM with me, so there was no excuse for them not to.

    Another time I tried to have Nordstrom price match Longchamp Le Pliage from NM online. Through the chat, the CS told me specifically they would only match the same color and the same style.
  9. I've never tried to price match. But I would think most SAs would be willing to. They get commission so I would think they would jump at the opportunity to get the sale. (Unless maybe the price match cancels their commission or they are limited to the number of price matches they can do??)
  10. This is completely true. Some SAs are easier to work with than others...
  11. nordstrom price matched the tory burch "patterson"riding boots for me from the bloomingdales F&F with no problem!
  12. I have had pretty good luck price matching with nordies. It definitely depends on who you get
  13. Some SA's are such pain in the butts.. others just ask how much is the discount and apply it and that's it.
  14. love Nordies! got them to pricematch Bloomies F&F plus my 10% off code via online chat. yay!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.