Nordstrom White Plains NY Sale

  1. I purchased a Silverado Python Satchel in 'Cafe' for 1280 in Nordstrom's White Plains NY today - I was in Luis Vuitton earlier and am so happy I held off and went to Nordstroms. This bag is beautiful my first Chloe bag. It had a very tiny ink mark so it might have been a return or the floor model, its nothing compared to the almost 1000 savings. They have about a dozen paddy's and betty left but they don't appear to be as discounted as the particular bag I bought. If you have been waiting to purchase a Chloe and you can get to the Westchester Mall in White Plains check it out. They also have a Neiman Marcus there but they either sold all the Chloe's they might have discounted , non available. Cheers
  2. Congrats on your purchase! The Python Silverados are gorgeous. You got a really good deal!
  3. That is AWESOME! Congrats to you and post some pictures please! :yes:
  4. Congrats to you! I was just at Nordstrom's in White Plains last night, but I was looking for a cocktail dress. I should have checked out the bags!:sad:
  5. They also had a python silverado in a blackish silver metalic which is too glitzy for me, (only because I'm too old) but if you were young and lived in the city what a cool bag to go with at night! Also 1280$ Call and ask them whats left.
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