Nordstrom Walnut Creek Sale Chloes

  1. I was at Nordstrom Walnut Creek, CA today and they had two Chloes on the sale table - one large black patent Heloise tote marked from $1980 to $789 and one small Chloe I hadn't seen before - it looks like a very small messenger bag in a black patent/leather combo - the strap is leather and it has the small capsule lock but not the chain. I tried to find a picture and can't locate one - it's on sale for $539. They had a teal one too but it was gone when I went back.

    Nordstrom - Walnut Creek, CA
    (925) 930-7959
  2. Thanks for the post starbuxxx!
  3. OH :censor: how did I miss this?!?! I so want a patent Heloise!!!!
    Thanks for the post I will definitely be calling tomorrow.
  4. Wow, great deals -- Ali, hope you get that Heloise. What a great price.
  5. :yahoo::yahoo::yahoo: Not only did I get a Heloise... but I got a RED one!!!!! I'm so excited:upsidedown:!!!! Thanks so much for the post Starbuxxx:tup:. llson, thanks for the good wishes;).
  6. Ali w - did you get red leather or red patent? Oh, and what size small or medium? Either way, Congrats!!!!:tup::yahoo:

  7. Jack knife splits in the air!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:yahoo: Don't you love the rush of a huge score at a fabulous price!!? More details girl on the Heloise????? Style of Heloise??? Patent leather??

    Doing back flips now:yahoo::yahoo:
  8. Whoo-Hoo, congrats on your Heloise, yes, yes, we need, partee......:wlae::wlae::woohoo:

    Susie, you are just too funny, "jack knife splits in the air" it!!:roflmfao::roflmfao:
  9. I am still in shock:nuts:, I never thought I would find a red Heloise I know they are in high demand(it's such a hot color)!
    I initially called about the black one Starbuxxx spotted but it had been sold. However, the nice SA(named Kathy) said she would do a search for me and what color did I want her to look for so I say " red but I know thats impossible:rolleyes:". About five minutes later I get a call saying she found one(I was stunned:amazed:, I had already set my mind for disappointment).Needless to say I had her ring me up:lol:

    So ladies, I have a new Large patent RED Heloise headed my way and I must say I am stoked about it:happydance:!!!!
    I will definitely post pics as soon as she touches down(which shouldn't be long as she is only 30min away from me:girlsigh:)!
  10. Patent! But I'm still refreshing that Neiman's link for the leather as well:upsidedown:!!!
  11. Ali - Congrats - the black one sure did sell fast but I'm glad you got the red one!!
  12. Thanks for the congrats and posting about the sale:drinks:!!!!
  13. WOWOWEEE! What a score and way to go ali! The red patent is going to be so glamorous. OMG - and you never know what else will pop up too! (
  14. Oh no! I have been looking for that patent/leather combo paddy, and when I called tonight they said they shipped them all out to the Rack stores yesterday. So now I have to call a NR and hope they know what I'm talking about! Does anyone have a good SA at a Rack store that they deal with? The only NR near me is at least an hour's drive away and I can't go until Friday at the earliest, and don't really want to drive that far if they don't have what I'm looking for.
  15. Just start dialing I say!