Nordstrom Walnut Creek has black Stam!

  1. I just got a call from Ramona at Nordstrom Walnut Creek, CA. They have a S/S black Stam in stock (I already purchased from MJ). Number is (925) 930-7959. Please ask for Ramona since she was kind enough to alert me...
  2. I love when the forum shares! Btw, if you tell them that your local Nordstrom does not have the bag, they may waive the shipping fee...
  3. After thinking a few minutes, the SAs name might have been Rhonda. Gosh, I'm terrible with names! Sorry.
  4. Valerie, is this on Mt. Diable blvd?
  5. I don't know if that's the one she's talking about--but there's only one Nordstrom in Walnut Creek according to their website:

    1200 Broadway Plaza
    Walnut Creek, CA 94596
    (925) 930-7959
  6. Oh....I don't know if it is near there or not. Someone in my family has a restaurant in that general vicinity...and I was wondering if she had seen it or been there. :biggrin:
  7. What is the name of your family's restaurant? I've been to Walnut Creek and Concord many times!
  8. PM'd you. :biggrin:

    I will share with any of the regulars so PM me if you are interested...I just don't want to announce it over the main board. Hope that's Ok.