Nordstrom Valley Fair - Chloe Sale

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  1. Just got a call from Georgette -Nordtrom SA from Valley Fair - Sta. Clara. Chloe bags on sale - looks like they will be discounting all their Chloes - yes paddington and Bays included for 40% off for June sale. Just want to pass this on- think you can have them on hold till they go on sale. Call and ask for her - don't have the phone number but you can search/google it.
  2. wow now is it only this Nordstroms or will others do this as well. I tried to call my local nordstroms, but could not get an answer
  3. Thanks for the tip, calling right now....
  4. I just spoke with Georgette, she's nice and helpful. Anyway, I just put an Ecru bay on hold not sur of the color never seen it irl.
    Thanks again tettetsf!!!!

    Here's the number for anyone who wants to call:408-248-2180
  5. Yes, I just called. The girl told me that's the only color "Ecur" for on sale. Does anyone have seen this color IRL?
  6. Sorry it's "Ecru" not "Ecur".
  7. never seen it. She says it a buttery color:hrmm: but I don't know if I will like that....
  8. ali w,

    Is the ecru color same as camel? She told me they have different size on quilted. Which one do you have hold? I am thinking about to get bowlering size, since I already got the ivory quilted shoulder bay. I really like my ivory bay. She is so gorgeous.
  9. The one I have on hold is the quilted tote its a bit taller than the standard quilted bay. Do have trouble with stains when you carry the ivory? The reason I'm afraid of the ecru is because she says its light and I dont want to worry about it getting dirty:wtf:.
  10. :yes:Yep, thats it. Have you decided whether your going to get it? I really want a quilted bay tote but the yellow scares me a bit. How much could I really use it?