Nordstrom Tysons is Chloe HEAVEN!

  1. Seriously. I've never seen this many Chloe bags in one place and they were ALL 40% off. I was beyond overwhelmed. I have some group photos that I can post if you'd like. Mostly I took the photos to try and remind myself what was there. There were 50+ and a huge variety. The only thing I didn't see were Silverados. There are:

    Paddington totes, satchels, hobos in jade/red/muscade/black/chocolate

    Tracys, a navy Bay, Ediths, Patsys, Teklas, Maggies, python bettys and patent bettys, chain bettys, etc.

    If you're looking for something specific, I can probably tell you if it was there.

    The store number is (703) 761-1121. I worked with Rosemary but there were several SAs hovering and eager to help.

    Good Luck! :yahoo:

    P.S. I was there at 10 p.m. this evening so all I've mentioned should be there in the morning.
  2. post pix :p
  3. [​IMG]


  4. [​IMG]


  5. Last one!
    CB 163.jpg
  6. HOLY!!! That's a lot of stock they have. Thanks for sharing!!!
  7. OMG:drool:You weren't kidding!!!!! I must try to resist the urge to call:noggin:
  8. hi, do they have the regular paddy in black? ( i saw one at Nordstrom portland or here the one with the zipper on bottom). ... thx..
  9. OMG, The Chloe Buyer went crazy!!
  10. I keeping coming back to this thread just to look at the pictures:upsidedown::shame:
  11. Did they have the Chloe Bay Tote in Camel? Wowwyyy there are alot of bags!
  12. OH NO!!!!!!!!!!!! Just wanted I needed to see!!!! I can't resist the urge to call.
  13. Disregard!
  14. The only Bay was the navy in the photo. It was a nice one, though!
  15. I missed an entire table of Maggies and Tracys and a whole rack of larger Ediths. I just kept walking around in a fog of disbelief.

    I asked if they brought these bags in for the sale (I shop there and had NEVER seen most of them). The SA said they'd been in the stock room because they had no room to display them! How did you think you were gonna sell 'em?! :lecture: