Nordstrom Topanga cleaned out?

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  1. What's up with the Nordstrom in Topanga not having any black jumbo classic flaps or 226/227 reissues in black? Please tell me it's due to the holidays... Does anyone know when they'll get a shipment? An SA said that I wouldn't be able to find a 227 in any Nord.


  2. That sucks!!!
  3. Word.
  4. But seriously. Seriously.

    What is up with that?!
  5. I think all stores, except NM have cut back on their buying because of the economy...........they are getting the minimal stock in this not know about the boutiques.............:heart:H
  6. What month is typically "this spring"?

    How sad.
  7. I've been wanting a caviar jumbo in black since last year and have no luck with Nordy's (from Topanga) either. They are suppose to get a shipment since last month, but I guess they haven't gotten them yet. I'm not sure what's up with them. Good luck in finding one!
  8. Thanks! But sheesh. If anyone has any news or updates on this nonsense, feel free!