Nordstrom stores are scrapping Michael Kors handbags

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  1. Not surprised as everything he makes is junk. My local Nordstrom has very little jewelry and leather goods to be found. IF I want something, I order it online because..... there's nothing there.
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  2. Some dillards and macy's are planning to scrap mk also.
  3. Not surprising, their own store return policy is crap. Ppl rather buy at macys or nordstrom to have easier return. I just returned a bag today which I paid cash... They said they will send me a check because i paid cash, uh what?! First time i hear such from a store!
  4. "Is Nordstrom souring on Michael Kors handbags? Nearly half of Nordstrom stores have reportedly stopped selling the brand's lower priced Michael handbags in May, according to MarketWatch. The info comes from analysts at financial services and investment firm Wedbush, who reached out to 112 handbag managers in the U.S. and Canada for the report. According to the report, 60 stores reportedly will eliminate the brand by June, with more phasing out Michael bags by the end of the year.

    Wedbush's sources cited "waning interest from customers," as well as constant competition with Macy's over sales, forcing Nordstrom to price match Macy's discounted Michael Kors product.

    Quality was also supposedly a factor, with Wedbush analysts writing, "Other sources said Michael Kors was the number one returned handbag brand because of poor craftsmanship, and they were not surprised Nordstrom was reducing its exposure."

    A rep from Nordstrom confirmed to Racked that it still maintaining its "relationship with Michael Kors handbags and accessories," and that it could not verify or comment on the Wedbush report.

    It's a known fact that like other mass handbag brands (ahem, Coach), Michael Kors have struggled with issues over discounting and overexposure. Handbags overall are proving tough for retailers, as millennials are less seduced by designer handbags than past generations.

    The brand is scheduled to present its quarterly financial results next Wednesday, so stay tuned."

    Article published on today. In my opinion, MK should stop selling to department stores and focus on his own boutiques (many many of them out there). Maybe this would end up helping with their image.
  5. I am sorry, I can't bring myself to buy a bag from his outlets. They look like counterfeit bags. Also, I know I can pay about the same price for one of his better-looking bags at Macy's.
  6. I've seen similar articles about Coach and they're still around. There's always good and bad about every brand. People will buy what they like and can afford. I've never understood the attitude of looking down your nose at someone else about what bag they buy.
  7. But doesn't Coach have better quality than MK? I have a variety of handbags (5 premium and 2 contemporary), and my Coach is one of the best quality.

    This move doesn't really surprise me. MK is so oversaturated, especially with the outlets, that Nordstrom probably could focus elsewhere and make more money.

    I recently went to NYC, Paris, and Rome, and the most common brand I saw throughout was MK. MK is also the most popular brand here in Middle America. If they want that to continue, I think MK needs to focus on higher quality and more innovative designs, IMO.
  8. Ditto. :smile:

  9. Thank you ❤️

  10. + 1

  11. I've never had any quality issues with any of the MK bags that I have purchased. I've also never had any quality issues with any of my coach bags either.
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