Nordstrom sent me an UGLY USED Paddy!!!!!

  1. I am absolutely livid right now. :hysteric: I supposedly got the last Choco Paddy in the nation from Nordstrom and I received it today. The bag looks like it has been used and abused for a year. The lock was chiped and broken, there were scuffs all over the bag, and both of the rolled handles were flipped up and torn on the edges!!! I am so disgusted with them right now. I am going to take it back to the Valley Fair store where they originally charge sent it to me from another store. I am so sad because I thought I was so lucky to have found the last one they had in their stores. I will try and post pics so you can see how bad it is. I can't believe they would have the audacity to even send me a piece of garbage bag like that, I would not even pay $300 for it, let alone $1600! Thanks for letting me vent!:yucky:
  2. Whoa! Who did you deal with at Nordies VF? I'm kind of disappointed with them too. I got a bag from them at full price that was 50% off at but was sold out at the time. I asked the SA (who actually turned out to be a manager) if they would price match the bag with Neiman Marcus and I was told that I would have to do it at a local store (I'm in SoCal) that's close to a Neiman Marcus. All I had to do was bring in the print out showing the discount from NM so I had prepared a screenshot of the website. I called my local Nordies in advance to make sure I'm not wasting my time and the SA I spoke to asked for my info. She said she'd find out and call me when I can come in. 5 days pass and no calls. So I call her and ask and her reply was that she had called Neiman Marcus and found out the bag wasn't 50% off. I wonder what planet Neiman Marcus she called because I had the proof it was discounted and when I called NM they confirmed my information. It was providential that right there and then the bag became available again on and I snapped up one as quickly as I could and returned the one from Nordstrom. So disappointing!

    It's upsetting what you got, kristie! Obviously, someone thoroughly enjoyed the bag and then returned and Nordies thought they could still make money off it. Ugh... Upsetting...
  3. *HUGS* sorry that that happened to you! i know it sucks to expect something and get yourself super excited only to be let down.

    hopefully they can locate another one that is brand new for you! i've never had that great of an experience at nordys anyways -- their customer service is not at all what it used to be.
  4. Wow. I thought Nordstrom took pride in their customer svc. I guess not. Sorry about your experiences.
  5. pquiles, I thought so too...
  6. When I lived in Kansas, I bought a pair of shoes from their website. It didn't fit well but I didn't have the time to send it back. About 6 mths later I took it to the Nordstrom in Kansas City and they refunded me. I thought that was good service, but the experiences you guys posted makes me wonder about the type of personnel they're hiring now. Whatever happened to "The customer comes first". Espescially for something worth over 1000 dollars.
  7. i'd love to see photos of this bag!!
  8. I thought Nordstrom took pride in their customer service, too. That's terrible that that happened. I would take that into the store and take it back. Speak to a manager, and tell them something like "What am I supposed to do with this thing? I spent $1600 to buy a quality bag, and I get this. I have always went to Nordstrom and I have trusted this store, but this incident has now made me hesistant to shop here. This has been a big dissapointment. Maybe a gift card or something could make me feel better about this problem and help to restore my faith in Nordstrom's customer service."
    It's worth a try. Afterall, this is a big let down and a lot of hassle for you. I'd do it if I got sent something like that from a reputable retail store such as Nordstrom.
    Good luck!
  9. I'm not surprised with Nordstrom anymore, i purchased a MJ bag from them in SF it was an impulse buy, brought it home and decided that i don't really want it bring it back to Valley Fair to return it and the SA was telling me that she wouldn't take it back since it look used. I got mad and told her that this was purchased the day before, afterlooking at the receipt and another SA look at it they finaally returned it for me. i swear the service is not the same as before .
  10. I think each Nordy's has a "vibe"--at least that's my theory... Some stores are better at service than others and different departments have different levels of service also. I think a lot is dependent on each store's manager and each department's manager.

    I know that some Nordy's don't have a problem matching coupons like F&F, but others will refuse saying that they only match actual markdowns. Apparently the "policy" is at each department's discretion. Although the SA would love to make the sale, I think department managers are more concerned about dollars made since their bonus/review is likely based on that number....

    Nordy's still has great customer service compared to the other department stores out there. I have yet to have a NM, Saks or Bloomie's SA VOLUNTEER to check if another store has the item I want, whereas that's common at Nordy's.
  11. I know that with Nordstrom's liberal return policy people return used bags all time time. I guess it doesn't totally surprise me that the SA didn't look at it closely enough and resold it :sad: What a bummer though!!
  12. I am also not surprised that you got a used bag. Its true that they have a great return policy but people do abuse it. I have seen used bags returned to Nordies and they just put it back on the shelf to sell. Personally I feel that if you plan on returning a bag, don't use it. I have seen many bags on sale that were returns that were obviously used (even if only used once) but it completely turns me off from buying a bag especially if you are paying a lot for it. If I wanted something used I would go to ebay!
  13. Oh sorry for that, although I am not in US but it is similar in UK as well (I think people sometimes abuse the policy). Don't worry you will found this bag eventually in the future, finger cross. :yes:

  14. That's what I thought too, although I have never actually bought anything from them.
  15. Kristie,

    Nordies in Paramus NJ had a few Chocolate Paddys (the regular Paddy and the Loaf Paddy) on display last night (January 2nd). They all looked new to me.

    I think because Nordies has such a liberal return policy, they just take anything back. I have also seen bags that looked really used, and how they are trying to resell them just makes me sick. That's really gross. But there are people who take advantage of this policy. I'm sure in the future this will change, then it will be tougher to return to Nordies.