Nordstrom Sending Thank Yous?????

  1. Hi everyone,

    I received a thank you note in the mail today from Nordstrom. I had purchased a Juicy Couture track suit there last week. I didn't really have any special help from anybody just the girl at the counter that helped me check out. She sent me a handwritten thank you! Can you believe that? Have any of you every recieved this before? I shop there all the time, but never received a thank you. Just wondering cause I thought it was kinda weird.
  2. I got one from them last time I bought a pair of jeans there.:smile:
  3. I can believe it. :smile: Such a nice gesture.
  4. Nordstrom SAs are encouraged to write "Thank You" notes, they're even reviewed by their department managers before they go out... I think it's a way of adding to their CS reputation. Plus it's a great way for the SA to build a relationship with you so that you'll come back and ask for them!
  5. Wow! You guys are a wealth of info!!!! I didn't know that. Oh, well, then I guess that's cool!!!:yes: :biggrin:
  6. Wow, that's a wonderful gesture! That's quite impressive. Saks did that for me a few months ago-but that was only once. I didn't receive any after that.
  7. I have received one from a s/a who assisted me. Thats a great thing for them to do.
  8. I wouldn't think too much of it..some people i've known who have worked as SA's said their works would pay them per each letter they wrote out...and the bottom line is, it's not exactly a altruistic action - they want you just to buy more.
  9. In the days of mediocre, to non-existent customer service, these kind of gestures are nice to receive.

    Altruism...No, customer service that exceeds the norm, Yes.
  10. My Saks Chanel SA's send me thank you's all the time too
  11. Aside from LV, I never received thank you notes from other retail/department stores.
  12. I've gotten thank you's once in a while from nordstrom SAs as well :smile:. saks/NM SAs have never sent me notes. Nordstrom SAs are the best :smile:.
  13. I got one from the SA that helped me pick out sunglasses...I thought I was just special!
  14. yea, I use to work there and they really encourage "THANK YOU" notes going out. I almost get one every time I shop there now. Commission sales are hard too, they really need your loyalty to come back to them!

    I like Tiffany "Thank you" cards too! They are pretty! And they make me want to return that same day!!
  15. Only ty i ever got froma department store

    was In Neiman when I opened a credit card