Nordstrom second markdown

  1. Just heard from my SA that Chloe bags are going to 60% off Monday!!!!:yahoo:
  2. OMG.... THATS GREAT!!!! Is it all Nordies or just certain ones?

    btw, did you catch the betty wallet in time?
  3. I am pretty sure it is all of them--but for sure the Seattle stores. I missed the wallet again--too much travel!!! Thanks so much for watching for me :smile:
  4. Oh, god! Just when I thought I was done with the sale bags, now they are dropping down more in price. I better get a second job, lol!!! Can never resist a good sale.
  5. I just returned from the Nordstrom at Tysons Corner. My SA told me that most stores were allowing the second markdown (which is 60% off full-price) items to be purchased today. I purchased a Jade Paddington shopper tote for $634 and the Paddington Mini Clutch for $220.

    There is not a lot left at the Tysons store, but if you have a favorite SA at another Nordstrom, I would give he/she a call.