Nordstrom Seattle Stock

  1. I visited Chanel @ Nordstrom Downtown Seattle last night, I saw:

    Dark Beige Bubble Quilt Bowler (love this very much!!)
    Beige Bubble Quilt Flap
    Dark Beige Bubble Quilt Small Flap
    Beige Bubble Quilt small Flap
    Paris Biarritz Tote in Black pony in 2 sizes (similar to GST and PST)
    Bordeaux Caviar PST
    Black Caviar GST
    White/Ivory Luxe Ligne Flap
    Red Luxe Ligne Bowler
    Black Caviar Medium Flap
    Beige Caviar Medium Flap
    Black Caviar Classic Clutch
    Cambon Bowler in Nude or Blush? not really sure..
    few Cambon style..
    The 7K Reissue with Charms
    Lots of accessories
    Lots of Sharpey bags
    Pocket in the city
    few of the Rock bag (black patent)

    For further information u can give a call to Cecillia (she's my SA) and Japanese lady SA (i forgot her name).
    Sorry I don't have direct Chanel boutique phone number, but you can try calling this (206) 628-2111

    HTH :love:
  2. Thanks for the update Cherryblossoms!Although I live in Europe it's always interesting to know what's in at different boutiques worldwide!:yes:
  3. Thanks for the info....
  4. Hi Cherryblossom,

    Does the Nordstrom Chanel Shop in Downtown Seattle has this bubble quilted bag? What color does they have and how much is it?

    Shopgirl bb:smile:
  5. thanks for sharing...
  6. Yes, they have it on display. I believe it's beige color (light one). I don't know bout the price.. sorry
  7. Thanks for the update!
  8. thanks for the list! did you see any camellia wallets or other accessories?
  9. lorenzo94580,
    I did see some wallets, but unsure if they're camellia wallets... Sorry :biggrin:
    I saw pretty lot of beautiful earrings, necklace on the display.. they might have more on the shelves.

    HTH :smile:

  10. Thank you! I'll check it out!:tup:
  11. So I called Nordies Seattle and a very sweet Japanese SA answered. Prolly the one the OP mentioned. Anyway, they did have the med Camellia wallet in black for $545. I think that's the going rate at the other major dept stores, right?

    I also inquired about the Cambon black with black CC. She had 2-3 left in the timeless classic size (i think-- not sure. still new to Chanel so I don't know the handbag language yet). Says it's retailing for $1695... as of Nov 1, going to $1925 :crybaby:

    boy, I need to work on DH real quick if that's the case! Geesh!

    Oh and when I kept saying "camellia" she kept saying back -- and I swear-- "chlamydia" in her sweet Japanese accent. I had a hard time not giggling over the phone whenever she did that....:blush:
  12. Thanks for the information from CherryBlossom (See the threads in Stock in Seattle Nordstrom) . I have ordered the Bubble Quilt Flap Bag in Olive color. The Bubble Quilt Collection has sold out in Hong Kong and the Chanel shop in Hong Kong does not carry this model. I told my SA in Hong Kong Chanel that I have ordered it in Seattle and she is so eager to see my bag when the shipment arrive.

    The Padded Envelope bag arrive in the Hong Kong Chanel shop today and it's in grey color. It's so pretty that I am thinking of buying it too.

    But I also like the Pocket in the City Bag.

    If I can only have 2 bags out of the three, which two will you choose? Chanel lovers, please give me some advice.
    Bubble Quilt Flap Bag.JPG Padded Envelope.JPG Pocket In The City - Brown Zip Tote.JPG
  13. I'd choose the quilt flap by all means and Pocket in the city:yes:
  14. I would go for the bubble flap, but then I love flaps!
  15. I am looking for this type of Chanel purse.I have attached a picture of it I am not sure what the name is for this type. Might any have a idea where I can find one and what the price would be.

    Thank you so much!
    ~Sweet Chanel~ Chanel Purse.jpg