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  1. Anyone have any experience with the customer service department at Nordstroms Seattle? A dear friend of mine ordered a Chanel bag, wallet and glasses from the store and the box arrived empty. They are giving her the run-around as far as how they are going to handle it. Any advice?
  2. WOW -- empty?!?! How could they make an oversight like that... boxes with bags are generally heavy. How did the shipping department in Nordies not notice an air-light box large enough to contain a bag, wallet and glasses? Could someone in the warehouse have pilfered the bag?
  3. oh my goodness, EMPTY?? What did the SA said? on the box, did it indicate the weight of the box? If it's under 2 pounds, then it's Nordies's error, but if the shipping lable indicates the right weight, then i'd give fedex a call. good luck and keep us update!
  4. that sounds suspicious. How can the person who packed the items not know there wasnt anything inside the box? esp if it were three items. Was the box when it was delivered to her ripped at all? I know chanel sends its items downstairs to the shipping department for packaging and shipping. I have never had a problem from them.
  5. What courier sent it? Nordstrom uses DHL but if the merchandise is being shipped fairly close by I believe they use the postal service.

    I have always had excellent customer service from Nordstrom Seattle. I live in MA so DHL always delivers my packages. If the box arrived empty it sounds like someone tampered with it after it left the store. I'm suspecting the carrier service used versus Nordstrom's error, but they do need to investigate the situation further.
  6. OMG, good luck to your friend, that's awful!!
  7. Start with the reasonable troubleshooting. Move on to unreasonable if reason doesn't work. Nordy's SEA has always been really nice. I can't always get there, and the PDX one doesn't carry any Chanel.
  8. That is so strange. I have done business with Fredrick and he is always great. Why don't you call him and maybe he can get to the bottom of this--206-628-2111. Good luck.:yes:
  9. this is terrible !!!! you should definately call the store and DHL up right away! Does the box even contain a receipt ????

  10. OMG that is terrible! :crybaby: Your friend needs to pull up the DHL tracking number on the box that was shipped, call DHL and see how much the box weighed when shipped from Seattle vs. when it arrived at it's final destination. I believe all shipping companies weigh the packages at each destination while enroute to the buyer. Let us know what happens!!
  11. so Nordstroms is still "investigating" along w/DHL. Nothing so far - very frustrating for her. I doubt DHL will take responsibility, and Nordstroms is saying that they are not at fault. Where does this leave her?
  12. Well, I would think that Nordstrom has insurance with DHL to cover lost merchandise. This could have happened in several places: Nordstrom's customer service department (who packages up merchandise for shipping), Nordstrom's logistics department (I think this is a Nordstrom service center that actually ships the packages...), or at DHL.

    Regardless of where it occured she is out a lot of money. If she paid by credit card she should file a dispute right away.

    Without disrespect to your friend, I'm sure there are shoppers who claim their items never arrived in an effort to receive free merchandise and can somewhat understand Nordstrom's point of view. This doesn't make it right. That's why I would immediately file a dispute with my credit company, even if that credit company is Nordstrom bank (if she used a store card).

    Did she investigate the weight of the packages on both ends as suggested earlier in this thread?
  13. Also, what did the box look like upon arrival? Could she tell it had been opened and retaped? Were there any Chanel boxes inside the shipping box or was the entire box empty? Whenever I receive merchandise from Nordstrom Seattle the merchandise is contained inside the Chanel box which is then placed into the shipping box.
  14. How weird! The only problem I had with Seattle Nordstrom's is when I returned a jumbo classic and they claimed they did not get it. I was very upset becuase I could'nt find the delivery confirmation receipt. My post office was able to find a copy of it and when I gave the info to Nordstrom's they found the package.
  15. I had some Manolos shipped from Nordstrom to me and I never got them. Nordstrom credited my account after DHL could find them nowhere...I personally hate DHL because upon first glance almost all of their drivers look like less than stellar members of society and usually are not very pleasant. I have heard so many horror stories about DHL and lost/stolen packages! Keep us posted!
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