Nordstrom sample sale?

  1. Hi girls, I just won an item from eBay. That ebayer doesn't have many feedbacks. The item I got is a pair of Dior pump which is 515$ in retail and the price I won is 130$ plus shipping. I found out just now there is two holes on the bottom of shoes so I sent an mail to ebayer regarding those holes. What I heard back from her is it is sample sale from Nordstrom so two holes are for against full price refund in store. I wonder is it true? Because I have nvr been to their sample sale.:confused1: Also she told me there is no box no dust bag..same is sample it true?
  2. I have never heard of that. Why don't you call Nordstrom and ask. Their customer services is amazing!
  3. Sounds like a rack item, never heard of nordie sample sales. But even if they were from the rack it doesnt explain the holes being there on purpose? Maybe someone who has purchased shoes from NR will chime in
  4. Holes? I have never heard of that either. Maybe a rack item?? What was the auction #, did it list the shoes as having holes?
    I have purchased shoes from the Rack, but the only thing I can recall is a number written on the bottom with a marker.
  5. Hi there, thank ya'll. The item number:140096450428!! I am not really sure what is it...but to me there are more likely two holes.:confused1:
  6. I know when I purchase from Last Chance, they pierce the two holes on the bottom of the shoes :smile:
  7. Cute shoes!!
    Yes I have seen this before. I asked what happens to all the shoes that don't sell and apparently they have another store in AZ (I think) where everything eventually ends up. They punch holes in the soles at that store. I suppose it's better than a big marker line through the label.
    Great deal on those shoes!
  8. I've actually been to a Nordstrom shoes sample sale before -- it was back in 2004 or 2005 and was a one-day event at Nordstrom in Arcadia, CA. They had a wide selection of mid-to-high-end designer shoes -- some are samples that will be (or are currently) released, others are one-of-a-kind samples that won't be produced en masse. Not sure if Nordstrom still has these sample sales or if it's limited to a few locations only.
  9. Hi all, thank you.:yahoo:I feel a lot better now. I can't wait to receive this pair of shoes!!
  10. They are really cute shoes and you did get them for a steal. I can't believe you were the only bidder!
  11. thats a really good deal! congrats!
  12. Nordstrom does have sample sales (they have them at the Dallas Galleria pretty regularly)
  13. Sample sales at my local Nordstrom only ever consist of either size 6 and under or 10 and above. Never any 8's!
  14. hi my galz, I love it so much as well. I didn't believe I was the only one bidding this item by that time.:graucho: I would like to share all my happiness with ya'll~:yahoo:
  15. i am from AZ and yes, last chance (where nordstrom returns and end of the road items go) does punch holes on the shoes to prevent them from being returned to retail stores. i love last chance! one time i was able to score an unused pair of ferragamo sandals for $20, furla bag for $50 and several pairs of sevens/citizens jeans for $30/pair. :smile: