Nordstrom Sales - Purchased Handbag

  1. What do you think of this Francesco Biasia black leather bag? First time purchase brand and don't know alot about the designer. Sale price $248 vs. $375.
    dscn0620.jpg dscn0621.jpg
  2. I think it's very cute, classic even.
  3. FB is quite an established designer and they specialize in mid-price range bags.
    I think the one you have chosen is lovely! Great versatile bag!:tup:
  4. Really nice...I love FB.
  5. LOVE it! FB is great! :tup:
  6. Love your new bag. FB quality is very good. I have an FB bucket bag I've been using for years. Enjoy!
  7. I like it. I went to Nords yesterday and I saw that bag. I thought it was cute. FB is a good designer. I have a few of his bags. They wear well. Did you see the Kooba Jessie????? To die for....
  8. Very nice choice! :tup: FB bags are really nice, and great quality for the price.
  9. Great choice! I agree with the other posters--the quality of FB bags is awesome.
  10. NO...I did not see the Kooba, but I did see a one Chloe bag (really beat up) and couple of Marc by Marc Jacobs totes and stachel.
  11. Thanks for the info...its my FB purchase. They had a great white leather too.
  12. Thanks girls for the feed back.
  13. Great choice!! Very classic and I do believe you'll get lots of wear out of it. Congrats!!