Nordstrom sale!

  1. :wlae: Look at what I bought today at the Nordstrom sale!

    I love the MJ heels! It is size 34.5 though. Think it converts to about 5 while I wear 5.5. :crybaby: But it's too pretty to not buy it!

    The next one is from Steve Madden. It is perfect for school. (I tend to walk a lot in school) And it has a little platform so it gives height, but not pain. :heart:
  2. Two more shoes. I bought a pair of boots. :nuts: FINALLY! Hope I would dare to wear it out though. Hehe.

    And I bought another pair of pretty gold heels from Steve Madden. But I am not sure if I wanna keep them. Feel that it's a little too flashy. What do you ladies think? :confused1:

    Did you ladies get anything from the Nordstrom sale???

    Oh, and I attached a picture from Haloween. Hehe
  3. I've gotten 3 pairs of shoes so far. Will post pictures when I get home!
  4. starfused,
    Nice purchases! How did you carry all of them out to your car? LOL!
  5. You have great taste!! I love the gold pumps, I don't think they are too flashy at all.
  6. i love the mj shoes! i have similar ones, they're flats that are white with that black bow and no peep-toe. i love them!
  7. I Really Love The Mj Peep Toes. I Can See Myself In Them. Enjoy Your Purchases.
  8. starfused, cute shoes! The gold pumps aren't too flashy, just wear them with neutral clothes.
  9. i love those MJ shoes! i have them in the white leather with black ribbon... they are so cute! hope you enjoy wearing them!
  10. I've only bought one pair of shoes from the Nordies sale. Shocker for me. I think those are so cute though!
  11. Those are some cute shoes! And, no, the gold ones from Steve Madden are NOT too flashy-they are very nice!

    Wish we had Nordies here in NY.
  12. Lol. Of course I had my bf shop with me! He is really nice, so he carried all those stuffs for me. :P

    And after you ladies tell me that the gold is not too flashy, I am now having second thoughts about whether I should return them. Hmmmss. :idea:

    And, yes! I love the MJ. It is cute isnt it? :love:

    Xikry, show us what you got! :graucho:
  13. Oh Nishi! There is no Nordstrom in NY? How sad. :sad:

    But there's a lot of other GREAT shops in NY which Seattle should have. Like... a real Dior boutique.. or a Manolo Blahnik boutique.. Even if I cant afford them.. at least I would be able to have fun trying them on! :biggrin: