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  1. Hi,

    Can anyone please direct me to the thread w/ whats avaliable during the Nordstrom anniversary sale? I know ZC's are but are they in every color, including black? If there isn't a thread post on this already, if anyone could post a list or what they are aware of here id appreciate it.

    Specifically though, I'd like to know if the black ZC is going to be 40 off?
  2. please see the MJ sales thread stickied'll find posts in there. also, when i called the SD Nordies this morning, the lady said they have a solf-calf black ZC available for pre-sale for 40% off...
  3. ^ I just called SD Nordstrom and they said they weren't pre-sale'ing them does anyone know for sure if they are pre-saling the black ZC's?
  4. I don't think the black ZC are on sale. I asked at the Washington Square store in Oregon and they said that black was not on sale. I think the only colors in soft calf on sale are teal, bordeaux (probablly sold out), peanut and wheat. I've read that the grey and teal quilted are also on sale. Also, if you're only looking for sale items you need to be specific when you speak to SA, otherwise they'll list everything they have, even if it's not on sale.
  5. sorry, i meant SF, not bad! and another nordie's i called also had the black solf-calf ZC on sale, but i was looking for grey...

    i asked specifically for the pre-sale MJ zip clutchs. hence why the SA told me they only had peanut and black left in SF...i asked if the black was quilted, and she said no, it was the soft calf version.

    happy shopping!!
  6. thundercloud - did they say what color the hardware was on the black zip clutch that was on sale? Thanks.
  7. ^^ Because it is all Fall 07 items, the hardware is ALL gold version.
  8. Thanks, AbbytheBT. I just read on another thread that some of the stores don't what ZCs are on sale yet. That's why we're getting conflicting information.
  9. ^ I just called nordstrom SF and they told me only the wheat color would be going on sale of the ones they have in stock.....

    very confused
  10. Wheat may be all they have left today in the Fall 07 line colors at the SF location.
  11. ^^True. I wouldn't be surprised if the other colors are sold out by now.
  12. when i called nordstroms at roosevelt field (new york) yesterday afternoon, they only have a few stone ZC's left.
  13. ^ they had the black in stock at SF but she said only the wheat was going to be 40 off not the black
  14. Please post ALL sale info in the MJ sale thread only..TIA!
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