Nordstrom Sale

  1. It's sale season. You all probably already know, but I thought I'd give a shout out to Nordy's sale starting June 5th. My SA called me to let me know about presales.

    A litttle tid bit I found out while I was there... My Nordy's showed me the book for the upcoming fall collection and they told me that there is a possibility that Gucci and YSL is coming to that Nordy's. Jimmy Choo will be there starting the fall collection. So if you live in the Baltimore area, woo hoo for us!!!!!
  2. I stopped by the Nordstroms in Denver today and was basically told the same - about the sale on designer bags. They had lots of Bettys, Silverados, and Paddys. They also had lot of MJ, including a couple of Stams.
  3. My SA told me that (of course) the stams aren't on sale and none of the paddys seemed to be either. But I got quite a few things saved up for the 5th. Plus Mulberry was already on sale, so I bought that and a baby stam today.
  4. WOOO-HOOO!!!!! We need more designers in b'more!! The drive to chevy chase is killing me!! One SA in the chevy chase Saks thought I was local because I am always there!:lol:
  5. LOL, exactly. I can't stand driving to Chevy Chase OR VA. It would be nice if they came here for once. It seems like I'm driving an hour there and back at least once a week to go somewhere on that side of town.
  6. You guys are so lucky!!