Nordstrom Sale - Weekend PW Collection Added

  1. My SA just called and said that they added the Weekend Patchwork Collection to their Anniversary Sale. The ones like this:

    (I was dying because the message I got was the PW Collection & I was going to get a Carly in Khaki but that's not the collection on sale).
  2. nice! the woman i spoke with at my Nords said that no Coach was included in the sale. hmm.
  3. They update the list once in a while. I got a Chloe that wasn't included in the original sale.
  4. Are you taking half-yearly now or anniversary in july? A Chloe on sale! Wow!
  5. When does this sale start??? How much is the % off??
  6. The patchwork and the watercolor were on the sale table yesterday at my local Nordies. They were right at 25% off or around there.
  7. Thanks eosgurl. I won't get there until tomorrow when I do my PCE preorder.

    Yes, if you go to the Chloe Shopping threads you will find all the bags on sale at Norstrom, NM etc.
  8. I saw these COACH bags on sale at Nordstrom's yesterday too!