Nordstrom Sale Jimmy Choo 40% off

  1. Quick heads up. Nordstrom is having their Designer Sale at 40% off including all Jimmy Choos :yahoo:, and selected styels of YSL, Chloe, Burberry, and Marc Jacobs. The sale starts June 4th but the presale is going on now.

    I picked up my first Camel Ramona at Nordstrom Valley Fair on sale for slightly under $1000. Longtime admirer, First time owner. I'm beyond thrilled :p.
  2. Nice job! Guess I'm heading to Nordstrom tonight - hope I find something! :wlae: Is it happening in all the stores??
  3. gees ...
    I'll have to go there too :smile:
    all these sales are killing my bank account.
  4. Were the Mahala's and Maddy's on sale? I called Nordstrom Valley Fair in San Jose this morning and she said it was only select bags and Mahala and Maddy was not included.
  5. Hum. I was in store at Valley Fair today and they said it was all Jimmy Choos. But I didn't see any Mahalas or Maddys on the floor. They had a Marcia, Marin, and several doctor's bags. Nordstrom doesn't really carry a lot of Choo though.
  6. I talked to Nordstrom in Bellevue and they emailed me this photo of the Megan bag that is on sale. I'm torn between this and getting a Chloe Bay. Does anyone have the Megan?
  7. I do not have this bag, but if you can get this Megan in the electric blue, the there is no decision necessary:nogood: Get the Megan:yahoo:, otherwise, I would love to jump on this bag:nuts:

  8. If I get the Meghan it will be in black so if you're interested in the electric blue give Marie a call at Nordstrom Bellevue. She's been great and will e-mail photos. The retail price is $1895 and then 40% off.
  9. Thank you, I will give her a call tomorrow provided my local SA did not grab the Mahala she had located for me. She had called and said she found a Bronze Mahala for me and did I want it:nuts:
    I said sure, so unless it was sold after we spoke, I will be sporting a Bronze Mahala:yahoo:
  10. Too funny - Marie found me the Bronze Mahala but I have my heart set on black so I passed on it. Congratuations - Marie said it was literally the only Mahala that Nordstrom had in stock. It's why I'm holding back on this Meghan - I can't take much more of these sales all happening at the same time. My wallet is on fire!
  11. I wish I had a Nordstrom near me. Will anything on the website be on sale?
  12. I'd love to see a pic of your new Ramona-that's the bag that Im hoping to buy when I go to New York.
  13. Zophie, call my SA 952-883-2121 and ask for (Designer Bags - (Deb/Diane). Tell her what you would like and she will hunt it down for you, have it shipped and if you have no Nordies in your state, NO SALES Tax:yahoo:
    The website does not carry any JC bags, so you have to go in or call. I am not sure what state you are in, but Nordies here will be open in 1 hour! Just do it before the JC bags are all presold:yes:
  14. Oh, I'm sure I'm too late by now and I really probably shouldn't buy another bag since I just ordered the Marcia. Just would have been nice to have a look and see what was on sale.

    I'm in New Orleans. I don't know where the closest Nordies is but we don't have one here. When I lived in Tampa we had much better shopping!
  15. OMG! stunning bag!