Nordstrom Sale confusion. Help!

  1. I hope someone is home or at work to help me :smile: I am completely confused with my stam purchase. I want a quilted stam (not a patchwork) that comes in that shiny patenty leather. I believe it's called elastic. Sooo, I called one store and ordered it. The SA started asking if I want a big size quilt or a small. In the end I am not sure what I ordered, but the regular price of it was 1550 (it was on sale 40% off for 929). Then she said there was another stam for 1350 that wasn't on sale. That one I believe is not the shiny leather. Then I called another store, and an SA told me that I ordered not what I want, and what I want regularly costs 1685 (on sale 40% 1009). She said that she'd call the first store and cancel the order. I am completely confused now!!! What did I order?? I know I can return, I just don't want to miss the sale!!!
  2. the quilted elastic stam is normally 1695.00 - here's a pix from elux - is that what you wanted?

  3. Yes, this is it!!! So it just comes in one size quilt, right? The first SA totally confused me. Maybe I should call the second SA and double check the price.
  4. ^ the elastic stams do come in other sizes: there is the smaller "kid" version and a bigger one that costs $1995. there is also an east/west elasticized stam for $1750 and the "mina" which is $1395. it seems like the sa ordered the correct one for you though, so you should be all set!
  5. Thank you!! I can't wait to go after work to pick it up!! I hope it's what I want. I definitely don't want the others. Kid is small, East/West is too big, and Mina I don't like. So what costs 1550?
  6. i think the patchwork stam costs 1550? i am having the same problem, and just got off the phone with the SA. she is assuring me that the quilted stam is the bag i ordered which was 1550 original, on sale for 929. everywhere else online, the same bag sells for 1350. i have a feeling they marked up their prices at nordstrum before putting the bags on sale? she also said that the patchwork was 1550, but that it wasn't a part of the sale. i did not order the elastic quilt though so i am not sure what the deal is for that one. i just really hope i don't get the patchwork bag in the mail. haha.
  7. the only thing i can find that costs $1550 is the patchwork stam, which does have a sheen to the leather compared to the matte finish of the regular quilted stams. the first sa you spoke to might have been confused and started naming every shiny stam she could find?
  8. Ha-ha!!! I thought the prices were the same in all the US department stores. I was told the the patchwork is on sale and the one for 1350, which is regular quilted (i saw it with my own eyes at Saks) is not.
  9. ya... that's all i could find at 1550 too! then the sa told me botht the patch work and the quilt were 1550. i have a feeling that the price of the quilt was 1350, then they marked it up to 1550 to put it on sale at 929? is that possible? it's hard because she's ordered it from a different store, so she can't actually go look at the bag for me. keep our fingers crossed and hope we get the right bags? haha... i'm with you though raya, i really don't want to miss this sale price!
  10. Well, I asked the second SA not to cancel the first order that I placed. I'll get 2 bags and return the one I don't want (hopefully, there will be just one to return :smile: ) So much conflicting info! :smile:
  11. smart ;) my bag's already been shipped, so i have no choice but to wait. haha.
  12. miked - I hope I get the right bags, too! I asked a SA if they had the soft calf venetia in other colors on sale. They called me back and told me that they had the patchwork venetia in black and ivory on sale. I told the SA, that I didn't ask about them, I asked about the soft calf!

    I hope that everyone gets exactly what they ordered!!!
  13. OK!!! I've finally got it sorted out! i called again to see what was going on with the stam confusion. so the bag that costs 1550 before the sale is the patch work. the elastic quilt is a little more at just over 1600. both of those bags are a part of the sale. the original black quilt however is not a part of the sale. they are still selling it at the regular price (1350). so even after asking 18 times if it was the original quilt that they were sending me and them assuring me it was... right now, a black patchwork stam is on it's way to my house. hopefully this hasn't happened to anyone else, or this prevents it from happening to anyone else.