Nordstrom Sacramento now carries Balenciaga!

  1. Nordstrom at Arden Fair in Sac. just received their shipment of fall B-bags. They have Twiggies in Greige, Sapin, Truffle, Grenat, & Black. They have Day Hobos in Blueberry and White, and cities in Truffle and Black. They also have a Rouge VIF wallet! They will be receiving more bags soon.

    If you are interested, call Patrice at 916-646-2400. She's my SA and she's great!

    P.S. For all you Chloe lovers they also now carry Chloe!
  2. OMG!!! Nordies at Arden carries Bbags?!? :yahoo: I had noooo idea! I was just there last month and I didn't see any---did they just start carrying them?!? Ackkk! I'm going to hyperventilate. I can pick out my bbags in person now without driving all the way to SF!!! :love: Thank you sooo much for posting, valerie!!!!:biggrin:
  3. Thank you for the head's up - my new Norstrom card will be getting a work-out!:biggrin:
  4. Aw, I wish my local Nordstrom carried it too. :cry: You lucky Sacramento girls! :amuse:
  5. Oohh oohh... can they ship to So Cal you think? I don't mind using my Nordies card and get $20 gift certificate back per bag. :angel:
  6. Thanks for letting us PFers know, this is great news and they're of the best in CS!
  7. I'm pretty sure Patrice (the SA) said they are the only Nordstrom store carrying B-bags at this time. It was quite a rush to walk in and see the brand new Balenciaga wall with all the fall colors.

    Also, she showed me the book of what's coming in and they are supposed to receive the new bowler style (looks cute) and some of the quilted bags later this fall.
  8. Thanks for posting this! This is great news! More eye candy to feast on:biggrin: Valerieb, you're doing your rounds huh. SFO yesterday and Sac today. What's the next stop:graucho:
  9. Interesting.... I wonder of other Nordstroms will begin to carry them. However I always feel like the two near (Chicago) me don't carry the same stuff they do out West and that Nordstrom is nicer out there...

  10. I think my rounds are completed. If I don't exercise some self control soon my next stop will be bankruptcy! :sick:
  11. ^^ :roflmfao:
  12. I hate my Norsdstrom. I will be doing a charge send to the east coast. Are the prices the same as in BAL?
  13. Yep. All prices are the same and I believe Nordstrom waives the shipping fee if the item is over $200 and not available in your store. Better ask about the free shipping just in case.
  14. Or if you have a nice SA, you can ask her to do a store transfer, get the Bbag shipped to your local Nordies and just buy it there in store. :smile: You won't have to pay for shipping then. :smile:
  15. Too cute. I just spoke to a sweet SA there. I guess I was more familiar with the color names instead of general descritions. For all you Sacramento gals, she said that they are in desperate need of a product specialist. If interested, PM me and I will give you her name. Good part-time gig maybe?