Nordstrom Sac Inventory

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  1. I call them this morning and this is what they have in stock

    First: 3. Camel
    1. Brown

    City: 8. Rouge viv
    1. Camel
    1. Truffle

    Ask for Sarah or Sharon.
  2. Does that mean they have 8 Rouge Vif Cities?!?
  3. yes
  4. WHAT? 8 Rouge Vif? Did a lot of people return them? :confused1: I would be very surprised if they had recieved another shipment.
  5. Which Nordstroms? Surely not the South Coast one? They didnt have one Bbag at all last weekend when I was there, and my SA (Marty, who is a doll) said he could order them for me if I wanted them.
  6. Oh Donna, Nordstrom at South Coast doesn't carry Bbag. But the one in Sacramento do. You can ask for Sarah she is the Assistant Manager for handbag. Her number is 916-646-2400
  7. Thanks 949! Where in the 949 are you?:smile: We should do lunch sometime! I was talking to my Sa at South Coast Nordies and he did say that within the next 6 months they WILL be selling Balenciagas there! WOOHOO sort of. I'm moving to Arizona next month. Figures. BUT NM Scottsdale sells them so I will be a happy girl!
  8. OOOHHH Donna! I love Scottsdale! I was only there nieces lived there ... but it was BEAUTEEFUL!
    I keep telling my husband we need to move to the desert - LOL!
    I HATE the Midwest :yucky:
  9. EXCEPT for shopping in Chicago on Michigan Ave! :love:
  10. Donna, lucky you (on your move)! We have friends in Scottsdale, and whenever we visit, I make it a point to stop at the mall. Love that place!
  11. The last time I was at Nordstrom Sac (about 2-3 weeks ago) they said they ordered another shipment of rouge vif cities since the first batch sold out immediately...
  12. that explains why I keep seeing a rouge every time I'm there (more often than I care to admit . . .)
  13. nordstroms at scp definitely doesn't have balenciagas yet; i was just there this weekend.
    marty is so adorable!! i had him model the MJ stam last year when i was thinking of buying it, and he was just too cute. :smile:
  14. 8 rouge vif cities? wow......the one thats sitting on display is pretty dry...i wish they would get the first or purse style in....time go go to the mall again...i go atleast 3x a week haha
  15. Hahaha! :roflmfao: :roflmfao:
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