Nordstrom returns: not all brands accepted at all stores?

  1. I bought a marked-down Chloe bag at the Fashion Valley Nordstrom when I was recently visiting San Diego. It was a spontaneous purchase - think I was more motivated by the savings than by a true love for the bag, but since it was still almost $800 I changed my mind and decided I should save my $ for a bag I really can't live without. I live in LA so, about a week after buying it and without never having carried it, I tried to return it to the nearest Nordstrom (South Bay Galleria). I was told that that store can't accept Chloe returns. I ended up having to call a few different Nordstroms in my area to find one that sells Chloe bags, as those were apparently the only stores that could accept Chloe returns.

    Has anyone else experienced this with Nordstrom and with other brands besides Chloe?

    I don't typically make impulse purchases but this surprised me. Seems more like a logistics issue rather than a customer service issue, but you'd think that a chain like Nordstrom could figure out a way.
  2. I had the exact same experience here in NJ with a chloe bag. Like you it was an impulse buy. I tried to return it to a Nordstroms closer to me instead of taking the 45 min. drive again. They said they could not take it back because the store selling the chloe bag works with a certain distributor and the agreement is to sell in that specific store. I thought that a big dept store like that could work something out. I asked for the manager and she confirmed what the sa told me but offered to ship the bag to the original store at no charge so I didn't have to drive. I said no because wasn't comfortable sending an 800 dollar bag via DHL but it was nice of them to offer.
  3. I had the same thing happen. I purchased a Marc Jacobs bag in the anniversary sale. I wasn't sure if I was going to keep it, and happened to have the Manager of the entire store on the phone for some other issue. I just happened to mention in conversation that I was thinking about possibly returning the Marc Jacobs bag, and he said that I couldn't return it to that store. He said I would have to go to a Nordstrom's that sells Marc Jacobs. The nearest Nordstrom's that sells Marc Jacobs is about 1-1/2 hours from me. He told me then I would have to send it in the mail to that store. I think that is ludicrous. I have almost had it with Nordstroms. They used to be the best, but now, everytime I purchase something, there is another debacle......
  4. How weird, I returned a Chloe bag to South Bay Galleria less than 2 months ago and they took it back without a problem. It was one I phone ordered from another state though, so I took it to the customer service lounge on the top floor. They took it back without any questions. It did come from a store and not online, so I don't see how it's any different than buying from say SCP and returning to South Bay Galleria. Maybe their policy has changed recently.
  5. That's so weird...Did they tell you to take it to Paramus? I called a bunch of Nordies in NJ and I was told only Paramus carries Chloe. I was kind of shocked , as I expected Short Hills to carry it...
  6. I don't know if this helps, but I was talking to my SA at Nordstroms, and she said that a lot of people have been trying to exchange fakes there. They probably want an SA who knows the bags to make the return ...
  7. My SA at Valley Fair said the same thing. They can't accept Gucci returns at their Nordstrom because of the astronomical number of fakes. People have to take it to the same store they purchased it from. Too many people take advantage of Nordstrom's famous customer service. I was at Nordstrom San Francisco and someone tried to return a fake MJ. The SF handbag dept. politely declined the return, and suggested she purchase another item. No accusations, but the accusation was clearly there. Luckily the person walked away with a fuss...but I was like, "Arrest her!"
  8. Makes sense with all the fraud out there. Sad but that is life today!
  9. Yes I had to take it back to Paramus. You would think Short Hills would carry it! I thought so too. The SAs in Paramus are very nice though. They are going to start carrying some other designer brands soon. I think gucci etc. if I remember correctly.
  10. Yep, with a Mulberry. They told me that they didn't have anyone to authenticate it, as they didn't sell that line in that store. I was miffed...but just took it to a Nordstrom that did sell them and it wasn't a problem.
  11. That's weird. The Nordstroms near me in Atlanta definately doesnt sell Chloe, but I have had no problem returning there on 2 separate occasions.
  12. It would just be EASIER if ALL Nordstroms carried the same brands !!!