Nordstrom Racks- help me!

  1. So I'm on a desperate hunt for the Irina tote preferably in black or brown/ivory is okay too. I was just at the Nordstrom Rack in Costa Mesa this morning but they only had a lime one =(((((
    Does anybody know of any Nordstrom Racks in southern california (and the phone numbers) that may have any Irinas left?!?!?!! I'm desperate :crybaby:

    Please ladies- help a fellow bag lover out!!
  2. Anybody? :sad:
  3. can you call?
  4. I've seen them at Off 5th. You can try calling them, I don't have any phone numbers but you can probably look them up on the internet.
  5. Do u remember when was the last time u saw them?
    I just called the ones near me and none of them seem to carry anymore.
  6. The only MJ bags I've seen recently at NR is the Irina. There are a couple bags at NR in san jose,ca that have been there forever. They are about 500 and all sales final. They were still there this last weekend, I think I saw a pretty tan colored one.
  7. didn't see it at the NR in san diego yesterday :sad:
  8. They did have them at the Off 5th in Cincy (ohio).
    I will see if I can find the #. There is also a BOGO coupon for off 5th starting tomorrow.