Nordstrom Rack

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  1. I am always finding amazing deals at Nordstrom Rack. You have to be quick and check frequently but it is worth it. I picked up a Faconnable bag for $90 last year right before Christmas. I made sure I left the original $500 price tag on it. Plus since it's Nordstrom's you know your buying the real thing!
  2. hahhahahhaha nice! We have a Rack here, but it looks dirty.
  3. The Nordstrom's Rack near us is very hit-and-miss. They have mostly a lot of junky stuff that they would never carry in their regular stores, and a few hot finds, but the lines are crazy and it always looks like a tornado just blew through the store.
  4. I must agree it's truly hit or miss, but it's worth the trek. They do carry some junky stuff especially shoes. I mean you get all excited about finding the right shoe go and grab only to find out it's a knock-off ot he real thing. I get pretty mad in the shoe section but then I also do well. I found some Stuart Weitzman clogs for $40.
  5. nordstrom rack is awesome; you just really have to look hard. but i love nordstroms rack. i've seen cute my flat in london bags (i think they're so adorable!) for $70 and even a marc jacobs for an awesome price. i usually go there for clothes though. i just got a cute juicy skirt for 27 bucks and joe's jeans for 40. can't beat that.
  6. The Rack near me is so freakin' awsome, lol. I always find something really good. There's always plenty of MJ, Juicy, Free People, etc. The best so far was a pair of True Religion "Joey" jeans for $70. They fit perfectly.
    I also have Saks off 5th and NM Last Call near me too.
  7. I have trouble in stores like that. I need everything in order where I can find it or I go crazy.
  8. yup that's why i just shop online. just see if the drop down menu has your size! i go nuts trying to find my size on a rack.
  9. Lets not forget them leaning over you ready to push you out of the way trying to find their size. What makes me really crazy is when people push all of the merchandise your way and you can't move pieces to look. I need a "mall" just for me and mine!
  10. Lucky you!!! ::jealous:: :sick:
  11. Omg, I just did it again!!!
    I heart Nordstrom Rack

    I got a $265 pair of LAMB trousers for $70


    a $295 James Perse sweater for $90

    You know I'm in a great mood now.
  12. I LOVE ours! Mine has LOADS of Juicy, even for my 4.5 year old daughter! Fendi bags, Kate Spade, Ugg, Betsey Johnson, etc . . .
    I bought a pair of lilac Puma Cells for $40. I always see Farragamo shoes, coach shoes, etc . . .
    I also live near an Off 5th and NM's Last Call - LOVE these stores!
    Ooooh and 2 Horchow Finale's are in Dallas! {Horchow catalog outlet - Neiman Marcus Co}
  13. I've got some REALLY great deals at the Rack. For awhile, it was a great way to get my $500-600 suits for about $130. I think it helps to sign up for their mailings. I always go on the morning of their new arrivals event. The one in my town opens at 8 am on those days, so I just stop by before I go to work. It can be a little crowded, but it's the best time to go if you don't like to hunt around. Things are usually organized by size and department until they get picked over as the day progresses. I like going on Friday nights since I'd rather shop than go out :P
  14. There's always lots of Faconnable, James Perse, Laundry by Shelli Segal and Kate Spade at mine. Occasionally there are some good high-end shoes but otherwise it's too much of a mess to pick through! Great deals on accessories, however.