Nordstrom Rack

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  1. Has anyone seen any Marcs at the Rack in their city?? Lets shop...Maggie
  2. Yes, in Seattle.
  3. You mean bags? No. Shoes? No.
  4. Where did you see it? The one in Lynnwood ran out, but I haven't checked downtown, southend, or eastside.
  5. My NR always has MJ bags. The past couple months I've seen the Sienna, the Diane, the Julie, quilted cammies, the Courtney, some smaller hobos, and some suede clutches/handbags. I haven't gone recently, I was going to go today but I had no time. The prices are usually reasonable, I haven't seen any over $500.
  6. Yup I meant bags...we should keep this thread going and keep each other posted on any marcs at the various racks....m
  7. Cool!!!!!!!!!!!!! where is your rack?? m
  8. ^aereodyte, you changed your name?

    I usually go to the Glendale location in LA, but I've seen the same bags at the NR near South Coast Plaza too. I always drop in to check their stock, it's a compulsion.
  9. Yup..sorry I had to. Aereodyte is my work and they freaked that I was using it so I had to do a presto chango...mag...
  10. In my collection I got the large hobe in tapioca, the regular hobo in dark olive and a Venetia in pomegranate (sold this one.) all at the was great. They were like 379 to 479. maggie
  11. I actually have seen them in Lynnwood before but they don't often have that much. But they tend to have the most in downtown or near the one by Bellevue.
  12. there's a NR in topanga, CA which is the closer one to me. i've seen MJ bags there but they're from old old season.
  13. I was in the San Francisco Nordstrom Rack last weekend and there were 2-3 light yellow LE Cammies with the old style mellow gold buckles instead of the pushlocks. They were so cute! I think they cost around $350. Also a bunch of Marc by Marc bags. I've seen Venetias, Blakes, Stellas, Selmas and Sophias there in the past - all for under $500. Every time I'm in the area I pop in just to see what MJ handbags they have!!
  14. I've seen both MJ collection and Marc by MJ bags at NR in San Diego and in LA (Howard Hughes). I don't remember the exact styles and prices (sorry), but I did notice that the MJs at the San Diego NR had "nonreturnable" tags on them.

    Btw, the Off Fifth Saks store at the Block at Orange has had some MJs over the last month or so.
  15. Sadly, NYC doesn't have a Nordstrom or a Nordstrom Rack. We don't even have a Neiman Marcus :crybaby:.

    Those prices sound divine. I've been looking for a Stella, too.