Nordstrom Rack Virginia- Skye

  1. Just wanted to let all you Virginians know:
    Nordstrom Rack at Potomac Mills (703-490-1440) has a Gryson, I believe Skye, in a tan/taupe/camel color for $184 (original price $724). I decided I don't need a second Skye and will hold out for another model. But this is a super great deal, so wanted to pass it along. It is being held under the name "Megan Holt" and the SA helping me (super nice woman!) is Ms. Azima. I told her that if I wasn't interested, I would pass the deal on to another (so that she could expect a purseforum girl). It is on hold through close this evening. If you get this deal, please post pictures :smile:
  2. hi! i'm new to tpf and this is actually my first ever post but i just wanted to say thank you! i decided to call the store and since i don't live in VA, Ms. Azima agreed to ship it to me :biggrin: i can't wait to see it in person, she described it as being off white w/brown handles, is that what you would say too? i'll definitely let you know how it turns out when i actually get it... i've been looking for a gryson skye but i didn't want to pay full price for it so thank you again!!
  3. Yea Cookie! Yes, please let me know when you get her- I want to see pictures :smile: And how cool that they will ship it out to you! I actually didn't see this Skye in person either- just spoke with Ms. Azima on the phone. What a great deal on this bag, huh? I wouldn't have passed it up, but my Skye is actually in a similar color scheme. Ms. Azima is so sweet, huh?- she said she'd keep my name and call me whenever they get any Grysons in. How cool is that?
  4. Ps- Welcome Cookie!!!!!!
  5. I just got back from the Rack In Woodfield, Il and there was a white and tan Skye there as well. Don't have a contact there, but the number is on the website.
  6. Ooh! How much was that one, soccermom?
  7. The leather Skyes seem to be marked down to $184. There was a grey nylon one at the Oak Brook Rack that was $149, I think. There were 2 Olivias there yesterday for $199 each.
  8. Thanks, soccermom! :flowers: Oh my, that is a great deal!

    So sorry for all the qs, but would you happen to remember what color the Olivias were? :smile:
  9. 1 white & tan, and one black
  10. Hi, I'm also new to the purse forum and want to thank you all for the Nordstroms Rack tip I just went to the one close to my house in Troy Michigan and got a Gryson Jasper for 199 in chocolate brown and a Rafee white patent leather bag for 139 what great deals.... this is so much fun.

    Wondering if anybody has any tips on Rebecca Minkoff MA or MAM bags on sale.

  11. Such good price!

    I'm so proud of my tPF sistahs....always passing on the good deal to each other (nice way of saying - WAY TO GO ENABLERS! LOL!) :winkiss:
  12. prague - rebecca minkoff might still be selling leftovers from the sample sale. you should email catalina@rebeccaminkoff and ask what color MAs or MAMs she has left. they were $365 and includes shipping.
  13. Fabulous! Congrats to all who got great deals! I'm in the midst of exams, but I think I'm going to try to sneak off tomorrow to my local Rack and see if they have any Grysons there too. :biggrin: Please do post pics of your purchases when they arrive my dears...
  14. o man i am so jealous i want another dark colored skye so bad i can taste it but the N rack in ny doesnt get anything but betsy johnson i tried calling them

    and i have missed my chance on anyone posting about a dark one :sad: If anyone spots a blue jean one (its leather thats a bluish/grey color) or a black , and can hold it for Bessie :smile: and let me know via PM so i can call and beg them to ship it to me :smile: I will be ETERNALLY GRATEFUL!!!! :smile:
  15. whoa! those are all such fab deals!

    post pics when they arrive!