Nordstrom Rack Update - Bay Area (Hayward)

  1. I stopped by Nordstrom Rack in Hayward (I think -it's the one off Hwy 880 on Marina) and they had:

    Tons of Coach shoes - just got a huge shipment in and prices were good -lots of sandals.

    About 6 of the Coach Python Turnlock Bangle bracelets - the wide ones - they are $69.99 - they also had a couple of the thinner bangles too plus a bunch of wallets, iPod cases and Mini Skinnies. These are all in a case in the accessories area.

    I got one of the Python bangles - I was surprised to see them there as I'd not seen them at the local outlets at all - I'd regretted not buying one of those when they first came out so I had to get this one.