Nordstrom Rack: Tons of High End Bags!

  1. :nuts: I saw Mulberry (many styles), Alexander McQueen Novak, and Stella McCartney. The Bayswater and Novak were only $299, although the Novaks had multiple scratches. Hope this helps! :yahoo:
  2. Which Rack!!!
  3. Holy WOW - you must live in a large city!!!

    Our Nordstrom Rack gets great clothes, but the bags not so much.
  4. The Rack location I mentioned is in San Diego.
  5. which color bayswater was there? I really really want to get it...=( but I live tooooo far away...sad...Do you know if they ship it out for me?
  6. that is why i was asking! because i know that Racks do charge ship according to a past thread about them, thanks for the info!! i am DYING (not quite :nuts:) for a bayswater...!
  7. It was a dark brown (chocolate). I'm so glad to be back in San Diego; Nashville had no Rack!
  8. thanks, which is it the one on Camino Del Rio or South Los Posas??
  9. Was it the tooled bayswater or the plain one?
  10. i love Nordstrom rack too! that's where i usually buy my tops at 50% off Nordstrom retail price.
  11. So I just placed an order for a Mulberry Bayswter (I hope! The SA was wonderful but she doesn't quite know the styles) in Chocolate Brown and Tan (she said it's a combination) for 299+tax+$9 shipping... quite a deal for a $1,195 bag. I'm thinking that if it turns out to be something I won't quite like, I can just return it to the local Nordstrom Rack...
  12. I live about two minutes from a rack and haven't been in there because I hadn't seen any good bags. I hope I didn't miss out I'm going to have to rush there first thing in the morning.
    Thanks for the post!!!
  13. i went to the LA Rack last Sunday and they didn't have anything great. Few Mulberry, but nothing else that jumped out at me.
  14. Wow, the Nordstrom's Rack in SF usually only has Marc Jacobs, Michael Kors, and Isabella Fiore bags.
  15. ^i would die to find a MJ bag! that is exactly what i was looking for in LA.