nordstrom rack sunnies for a great deal!

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  1. hi, i posted this on the gucci forum and thought i'd post it here. i'm not sure if it's already been posted but i just bought gucci sunglasses for $69.90 (73% off)!

    it is this pair:
    they also had coach, valentino, fendi, and a few others for similar pricing.

  2. Fab deal! Thanks for posting! :tup:
  3. hi which rack location? ty
  4. my nordstrom never has anything good!
  5. nordstrom rack Topanga did not have a great stock.. msotly Fendi/Juicy Couture, but nothing spectacular
  6. it was near alderwood mall in seattle. they do charge sends too if you don't live in the area!
  7. You got a great deal princess...they're gorgeous!
  8. WOw such a great deal! That makes me wanna go check out my Nordies Rack tomorrow!!
  9. thanks paula and carmen!! :smile:
  10. Arrgh, my Nordstrom Rack has tons of Dior, Fendi, etc. sunnies, but they never really fit my face right.

  11. the britney glasses!!!
    (sorry, i'm pretty much obsessed w/britney ahha)