nordstrom rack STL opening

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  1. Saint Louis finally opened!! :biggrin:

    So I stopped by there this morning on my way back from a meeting and while the place was NUTS they just had 1 shopping spree they gave away and 100 totes to the first 100 other deals or anything! I'm THRILLED to have it in STL, but the prices didn't seem to be much better than what I'm used to...are there normally additional coupons for rack stores? any tips I appreciate!
  2. I was planning to be there this morning before 8:45 to get a chance at the shopping spree but had to drive kid to school. Oh well, will check it out tomorrow.
  3. I'm so excited for this store to be open! I've only been to one Nordstrom Rack before and that was in Chicago. I'm so thrilled to have one without driving distance. I can't wait to go this weekend.
  4. They have awesome tag sales near the end of the seasons.

    Once I got a DVF top there for $20.
  5. I am going later today!
  6. Just got home and it's still a madhouse!
    I'm surprised at how small it is. I didn't get to look thru the clothes as it was too crowded for my comfort but I did look thru the shoes and found the selection disappointing. It was definitely worth the trip though b/c even though the handbag section is tiny, I did get to see some RM, Botkier and Junior Drake!
  7. A new Rack will open in October at Lakewood Mall, Lakewood, CA.
  8. what other designers did they carry?
  9. Wow, just went there today at lunchtime. I've never seen the parking lot of that area so full of traffic. The Rack was packed. I just looked at the shoes and bags. For shoes, a lot of Cole Haan, Kate Spade, Coach and then some Donal Pliner, DVF and Bruno M. Prices of the Kate Spade and Cole Haan were way cheaper than the sale prices I've seen online from other stores. For bags, a lot of Botkier, Uggs, Juicy, Steve Madden, Junior Drake, Lucky. Marc Jacobs I saw were the fabric bags. I guess I'll come back when the novelty wears off and it's less crowded.
  10. I'm waiting for the hype to die down... In the meantime, I'll continue to save my Rack trips for when I go to Chicago. The Northbrook location has the best stuff: YSL sunglasses, Mui Mui shoes, Chanel shoes, Marc Jacobs AND MBMJ... I doubt the St. Louis store will get those labels since we don't have a Tier-1 store here, but I'm still excited for the Rack since it's closer for me than the Nordstrom in the County.
  11. Yep, Nordstrom doesn't even give us a variety of nicer bags and shoes so my expectations for the Rack are limited.