Nordstrom Rack Sale Starts 6/26

  1. I just got a call from the Rack. 25-60% off some already reduced prices starting Tues the 26th.
  2. Thanks for the info. I have been finding lots of good deals lately at the Rack!
  3. Did they mentioned what's included in the sale?
  4. Wow! So are ALL the expensive handbags going there for next Tuesday???
  5. The guy who called stated "select items" so I guess you have to take a look. I was at KofP last Fri and didn't see too much. One MJ Blake Bag in Berry for about $500.
  6. nice! :yahoo:
  7. eh its a shame my Nordstroms rack by me never has anything interesting!! but maybe now cause there is a sale?
  8. thanks for sharing. i will definitely be there.
  9. thanks for the tip!
  10. Bumping Up this Reminder!
  11. hopefully i can find something good. :smile: thanks for the posting.
  12. I asked the SA at Nordies if the designer sale bags were going to be shipped to the rack for this upcoming sale and she said her manager told her no. But they would probably only be available for another week and *then* they were going to be shipped out - she did not say where ... and for once, I forgot to say... shipped out where?! :nuts: just fyi -
  13. anyone been or know anything yet?
  14. Yeah, handbag selection at KofP was terrible. The only ones on the security clip were Cole Haans. I left empty handed. (I don't have the patience to shop there for clothes or anything else).
  15. is there a Nordstrom Rack in Massachusetts?